Resort Hotel Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

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Resort Hotel is one of the leading resorts in Thailand. It is located at Ban Saket, Krabi. This Resort Hotel has been designed to make your virtual travel more exciting. There are many exciting features included in this Resort Hotel apk which will help you have an extraordinary holiday experience. You will get to enjoy your tour to this Resort Hotel in a very comfortable way. The following features are available in this Resort Hotel apk.

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Resort Hotel Mod Apk

– Resort Hotel Mod apk is located at San Fransisco Bay, San Fransisco. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious resort hotel experience then you must check out Resort Hotel Apk. It offers you the most thrilling virtual travel experience and gives you the most exciting virtual journey around the world. It gives you the option of a trip around the world with a helicopter which takes you to Los Angeles from your resort hotel.

Thailand Match 3

– Resort Hotel Apk has a match 3 game on its homepage. You will have the option of choosing from the California match 3 or the Thailand match 3. There are also players who can choose from the different sport series that are available on the Resort Hotel Apk homepage.

Earning Various Amounts

– In the Resort Hotel Apk you have the option of earning various amounts of money throughout your stay at the resort. The match-3 and the gold coins are the two prominent features that allow you earn money from the game. The gold coins are used as money to buy gifts for your friends who join the various in-game communities. The match-3 is used as cash for online shopping. These are some of the common features available in the match-3 section of the Resort Hotel Apk.

Free Coupons

– The free downloadable Resort Hotel Apk also has several other free features. The free coupons are available for various services that you might find useful during your stay at the resort. There are many restaurants around the Resort Hotel that serve specialty food items like sushi, Chinese food items, Thai food items etc. Some of the dining spots also offer free breakfasts and buffets to their customers on a daily basis.

Themed Decorations

– The Resort Hotel has several match 3 themed decorations all around the Resort Hotel. Some of these decorations include posters of famous movie stars, cartoon characters, sports stars and television shows. Some of the wall hangings include the signature of famous golf players.

LCD Televisions

The Resort Hotel also has many LCD televisions set in strategic locations around the Resort Hotel. These televisions help in enticing the customers to spend enough money while they are staying at the Resort Hotel. The free coupons and the gold coins are the incentives that help players attract more customers towards the Resort Hotel.

Resort Hotel Mod

– In order to lure more players towards the Resort Hotel, the developers have included many features into the Resort Hotel Mod. The most exciting feature of Resort Hotel Mod is the fact that you can play as any of the characters from the hit movie “The Beach”. The mod also contains an island with hidden caves. Among the caves is the legendary pirate Captain Hook who commands the pirates.


These exciting features help players get engrossed in the game and spend enough time in the Resort Hotel. However, with the introduction of new features, the players might face some difficulty in trying to find the hidden items in all these exciting resorts. The players need to be smart enough to locate all the hidden items without letting the time slip away. The players must use the free downloadable Airport Mod and match 3 boosters to increase the rate of money in real time.

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