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Rescue Sparkle Pet is an updated online game based on the hit television show, Family Guy. In this game you play as Fluffy, an affectionate yet timid dog who suffers from a pollen allergy. The game itself focuses on your mission to save your five other dog pals who’ve been hypnotized by an greedy and mean Doctor.

Your Rescue Sparkle Pet will need to eat healthily in order to grow more rapidly and reach his full potential. It also has several neat features which make it a fun and exciting game for kids and adults.

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Rescue Sparkle Pet

When you first start off playing your Rescue Sparkle Pet you’ll be greeted with a cute cutie face of your four-legged pet. To start the game all you have to do is choose a Rescue Sparkle Pet and start the training process. The four available pets are Fluffy, Dot, Marge and Lois. These adorable pets are very easy to care for and have several helpful attributes such as being a guard dog, good walker, light sleeper and an affectionate pet that enjoys playing.

Features of the Rescue Sparkle Pet

The features of the Rescue Sparkle Pet are quite impressive compared to other similar apps such as Finding Nemo where the animals can talk to you, jump, climb and roll across the screen. The Pets can even run up walls and surprise you with their awesome moves.

Other notable features of the app include several different sizes allowing the user to see how well their pet fits in the app. The cutest feature is the My Lovin’ Pup section which is used to display your pet’s current mood. In this section Fluffy can be seen pouting as he awaits your orders in the kitchen.

New Zealand Version

The new Zealand version of Rescue Sparkle Pet has been completely redesigned from the ground up. This is an amazing feature which enables owners to not only see their animals more closely but also gives them a great sense of peace of mind knowing that their pet is safe and sound.

Very Special Place

New Zealand is a very special place and seeing your pet up close in real life gives you such a close feeling that it really is like being there. One of the coolest features is the photo albums which users can set up in a photo album and then share the images with family and friends or even post them to one of the many Facebook pages that the app provides.

Official IiPhone App

Apple has today released an official iPhone app called Rescue Sparkle Pet and it is available for download straight from the App Store for free. Like the original version of the pet rescue app this version has all the features that the original version has plus some exciting extras too.

Biggest Change

The biggest change is in the form of the user interface and functionality. The iPhone is now capable of connecting to Wi-Fi in order to enjoy the amazing live streaming video of your animals. This makes it possible for owners to view their animals in a much more fully rendered state on the iPhone. There is also a brand new feature which lets users sign in to comment on videos.

In-App Purchases

Another exciting addition is in-app purchases. You can now purchase toys, games and clothes for your pets directly through the Rescue Sparkle Pet iPhone application! This is an exciting feature for owners who don’t want to purchase toys or clothes through the iTunes store. However, it does restrict the ability of the consumer to directly communicate with the pet Rescue Sparkle Pet team as they cannot respond to any in-app purchases made directly from the iPhone.

Purchase Required

Yet another great addition is the Rescue Sparkle Pet acks that are included in the app. These hacks enable you to directly interact with the Rescue Sparkle Pet service and get to see your animals in a much more natural state. This is an incredible feature but one of the major limiting factors has been the reliance on ios tethering. Fortunately, there is an in-app purchase required to use the ack tool.


The new rescue and animal rescue update for the iPhone includes many exciting new features. Most significantly, it allows owners to communicate directly with their pets. It also gives owners the ability to purchase the items they need through the iSettle shopping cart and even gives owners the ability to purchase extra characters for their animals through the My Game section. If you’re looking for a fresh new experience, I would definitely recommend checking out the Rescue Sparkle Pet iPhone application.

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