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Reflex GameHub is an online flash game based on puzzles and cross-hogging. It s a multi-player web game that can also be played on your mobile or portable gaming device. The story behind this popular Reflex GameHub is actually very simple. In the game, players have to use their reflexes in order to win the game. There are actually many different interesting characters that players are able to switch between during the duration of the game.

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During Reflex GameHub

During Reflex GameHub, players will get to take control of a superhero named Reflex. Reflex is actually a robot that has the ability to move and defend itself in any kind of danger. This is because of a built-in artificial intelligence system that was installed into the robot as part of a top-secret experiment. However, the Artificial Intelligence system somehow malfunctioned and now it has been ‘frozen’ inside a big crystal.

Reflex Finds

Reflex finds himself in a big laboratory that has been divided into a man and a machine. The machine is controlled by a sinister villain called Syndrome. Reflex is able to enter the lab using the lifts which have been strategically placed within the area. This way, he is able to avoid being detected by the security guards and make his way toward the main door.

Reflex Walking

The first part of the game involves Reflex walking through a series of rooms. As he moves from room to room, he will encounter several robots which try to stop him from entering. If Reflex manages to make it to the end of the room, he will encounter Syndrome who will want to use the crystal in order to restore life to his body.

The crystal will however only be able to restore life for a few minutes and the effect will then be reversed. Reflex’s only option is to find another way out of the room.

The Robot

Once the player manages to get the robot out of the room, the second part starts. Reflex will now have to find all the items which are scattered all over the place and use them in order to help Syndrome to complete the mission.

The objective is not just to save the player, but also to prevent Syndrome from returning to the lab after getting the crystal. This is done by finding several silos which are filled with weapons, ammunition, and vehicles for Syndrome to use.


During the whole course of action, there will be many ‘waves’ that will occur. They serve as cues for each subsequent stage of the game and will determine where the player should go next. For example, one wave might warn the player to go left while another one might direct the player to go right.


There are also ‘waves’ which will warn the player about something that might happen or might become a factor in the game, such as an enemy entering the area. When there is a warning like this, the player should avoid going into that certain part of the map, even if it means missing an opportunity. Reflex GameHub tries to make the player’s actions as interesting as possible, making it a lot more enjoyable to complete its mission.


However, the difficulty level of the game increases as you advance through the levels. As soon as the first part of the game has been completed, the Robot Emotions will be introduced. Each emotion, besides having different characteristics and powers, reacts differently when faced with a particular situation.

There are already several existing robots in the game which react differently (such as the Ice robot, the Chronicle, and the Flame robot). It is up to the player to determine what emotion would be most suitable for the conditions of each level.


A good Reflex GameHub review can give you a good idea of whether you would enjoy playing this exciting game and if it has many positive points for you. The game comes with a tutorial that teaches the basics of Reflex GameHub. When you are first starting out, you get a limited number of attempts every day.

You have to save the images you take of the places you are exploring. If an image is damaged, you have to replace it with a new one before proceeding. When you play Reflex GameHub, you can try out different settings and play through the story in first-person view.

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