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Be a legendary creature hunter in the exciting future MMORPG: Rangers Of Oblivion. Rangers walk the fringes of human society; defending this virtual paradise against any threat. Foes walk the earth, foreshadowing the impending destruction of the present. As opposing factions bicker incessantly, a greater evil plots in shadows.

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Monster hunter

This MMORPG provides a unique take on the monster hunter genre. You play as one of the rare breeds of monsters – Rangers. And unlike other games where you have to level up and acquire various skills to become more powerful, Rangers Of Omen puts you in a brave position right from the start. Your goal is to seek out rare artifacts hidden throughout the various landscapes of the fantasy world-and then use them to fight off the ever ever-growing army of creatures prowling around.

Game modes

The game modes available to you as a Ranger of Omen player are both exciting and terrifyingly deep. There are numerous game modes that you can choose to play through once you have reached the proper level cap. The first main game mode is Hunting, where you use your new combat skills to hunt down rare creatures as they spawn.

Forming groups

Players can either engage in one on one battle with a monster, or go into ‘encounter’ combat by forming groups and hunting down a variety of monsters together. These encounter battles allow you to team up in order to bring down larger game bosses.

Offline mode

Another option available for those who wish to play in an offline mode is the Endless Hunt. In this game mode, you’ll find that you are not actually seeking out rare monsters to kill, but instead, camping out around camp spots and waiting for monsters to show up and attack. Once you’re close enough to a monster, you can lock onto it and bring it down with your Ranger skill points before finally advancing to the next zone.


Rangers Of Oblivion also features an intriguing class system. Upon starting the game, each character has a limited number of skill points (SP) that they can spend on attributes. As you level up, you can select additional attribute points to invest in order to improve your overall abilities. Some of these attributes include improving your defense power and agility as well as increasing the power of your melee attack.

Different game modes

Rangers Of Oblivion also features several different game modes and difficulty levels, including the standard’Arena’ game mode where you take on waves of opponents. In this game mode, you’ll find that the objective is to survive as long as possible before being defeated. Other game modes available to you include survival, which is quite a challenge with a limited number of lives, as well as the challenging ‘raid’ game mode, where you have to kill as many monsters as possible while staying out of their range of attack.

Regular game modes

Rangers Of Oblivion also has several challenges along with the regular game modes. One of these challenges involves taking on the difficult task of defending the fortress that you are currently allied with from the Orcs without getting taken out by their powerful bows and arrows. Another challenge features a battle with a Dragon who will easily cause you damage if you don’t use your defensive skills effectively. Finally, there’s a final challenge where you have to defend the fortress from all attacks, and only after you have destroyed all the Orcs can you move forward towards the next area.


Rangers Of Oblivion features a strong storyline that ties the combat with the story rather well. The storyline centers around two unlikely allies who form a secret alliance against the evil clutches of the Naga. The allies are known as the White Knight and the Black Knight, who have to help each other save the world.


On top of this, you can also uncover several other interesting side quests that will further add to your enjoyment of Rangers Of Oblivion. It doesn’t take away the fantastic action-adventure elements present in the game, but at the same time, it adds a bit more depth and dimension to the characters involved, which makes them more believable as a group. This is the best MMORPG for all the hardcore fans of fantasy RPGs out there.

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