Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Apk [September-2022] For Android Free Download

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Apk is a Ragdoll game, where you have to throw your rider character as far as possible, using different kinds of objects. Each object has special abilities, like several times higher jump when using trampolines and so on.

The ragdoll is back and ready for more explosive dismounts! Tear through 40 levels in this hilarious action game from Ragdoll Games Ltd. Ride your motorbike off jumps and ramps, through loops, and over bumps while avoiding obstacles in this crazy sequel to Ragdoll Runners.

Get ready for some seriously funny ragdoll physics fun! The official game of the wildly popular Ragdoll Video, SPIN YOUR PHYSICS-TOSSED BODY around obstacles, fling yourself from ramps, and enjoy insane crashing action. Collect coins to unlock NEW levels, new ragdolls, and cool costumes!

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Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Apk Gameplay

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount is an android game in which you control a ragdoll on a skateboard or motorbike and try to cause maximum damage during the ride. You will have various obstacles, but these can be eliminated with well-timed jumps or hits against other objects. Of course, this game is not suitable for everybody – it’s just for those who love destruction and blood!

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount

Take the ragdoll challenge. Try to make a crash that is awesome and funny! Throw your ragdoll on a skateboard and see how long it takes for him to crash with different obstacles, like rocks and trees. Compete against other players for the best crash and let them know who the ultimate Ragdoll Dismount champion is!

Get ready for the most realistic ragdoll driving simulation ever created! From your very first drive, you will be hooked by this fun, addictive and silly game. Smash head-on into any structure or terrain imaginable, from houses to trains, and as your body spins out of control watching it tears itself apart in glorious physics-based action.

The more speed you build up before hitting an object the further you will go with the ultimate goal being to fly as far as possible for a maximum score

You’re a rag doll riding a turbo with the sole purpose of jumping off ramps and flying through flaming hoops.  Collect cash and stars, buy better bikes and characters, complete challenges and make it to the top charts!

You can get this game for free, but if you like it and want more levels or cool features, then buy the full version.

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Apk Features

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount is a physics-based game with ragdoll. The aim of the game is to make the ragdoll fall from a high building and land safely on the ground. The character will fall on his own, but you can control his direction by swiping your finger on the screen. There are many obstacles in this game such as rocks, fences, etc.

You have to avoid these obstacles while falling down so that you do not get hurt. If you land on an obstacle then it will damage your health and the ragdoll will die immediately after hitting the obstacle. In order to survive longer, you need to collect health packs that are available throughout the game. These health packs can also be purchased using real money through in-app purchases if you want to unlock faster or use them more often than usual!

  • – Many vehicles to drive in this game
  • – Many levels to complete
  • – Beautiful graphics design
  • -Realistic physics engine
  • -Smooth gameplay
  • -Different vehicles to choose from
  • -Control the vehicle with your device’s accelerometer
  • -Many levels to unlock

Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Apk is the latest edition of the ragdoll dismount game that has been released by the developers. This version of the game has been released for Android users and it is a great game to play. The main feature of this game is that you will be able to make use of your car in order to hit as many people as possible.

You will also be able to get points if you manage to hit them right on the head with your car. There are many other features that you can make use of while playing this game and they include:

The first thing that you need to do when you start playing this game is that you need to choose a vehicle that has been provided by the developer. You can choose from a number of different vehicles and each one of them has its own style and design.

Once you have chosen your vehicle, then all you need to do is hit as many people as possible before they manage to get away from you or before they manage to hit back at you.


The goal of the game is simple: jump from one car to another until you reach the finish line. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, because the cars are moving at high speeds and there are obstacles along the way that will make things even more difficult for you.

The controls are simple enough. To jump from one car to another, just tap on your screen (or press on your keyboard). Also, if you want to save yourself from falling off into space, press on your screen again when you’re close enough to another vehicle (or hit the spacebar).


Is Ragdoll Turbo Dismount Free?

Yes, it is. You can download and install it for free from the Google Play Store.

What kind of game is it?

It’s a racing game. It features three different types of cars, each with its own characteristics and physics. You will be able to use them to compete against other players or practice by yourself.

How do I play?

First, you need to pick your favorite car, and then you will be thrown onto a track where you will compete against other drivers or practice yourself on how to control your vehicle properly. The goal is to reach the first place before your opponents do – this can be achieved by carefully avoiding obstacles along the way while trying not to crash into them either!

What are the controls?

They are very simple – all you have to do is tap on the screen when your car reaches an obstacle so that it jumps over it instead of crashing into it!

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