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Ragdoll Fighter is an interesting game in that you have to try out your fighting skills against some ragdolls. Both you and your opponent have a health bar and a stamina bar. You can also use the keyboard to control the direction of the character. What makes Ragdoll Fighter Mod Apk so fun to play is the level of detail that went into the game.

Ragdoll Fighter

This fighting game has Ragdoll Physics, which allows the player to turn their camera movement in various directions during a battle. The way Ragdoll Fighter works is that the player character is inside a top-down view of an environment that is moving in some sort of pattern.

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Ragdoll Fighter Mod Apk features a great deal of detail and gives you a feel for using your fighting skills. It’s possible to use both the keyboard and the mouse for controlling the characters in Ragdoll Fighter. There are four main classes that you can choose to be, depending on which type of Ragdoll you are using.

Semiautomatic Shotgun

The first class is the Trooper, he uses a semiautomatic shotgun that fires one giant bullet at enemies in front of him. The Trooper has a limited amount of health, but when he uses his Ragdoll Fighter skill, his health bar will regenerate which allows him to continue fighting as long as he holds the button.

When using this skill, the Trooper’s hands glow and he becomes almost invisible making him perfect for fighting against tough opponents or those with powerful weapons. His shotgun cannot fire at enemies that are behind him.

The second class that you can become is the stickman Ragdoll fighter Mod Apk. The stickman Ragdoll fighter uses his own body as a weapon and as a shield. Each attack that he performs will cause him to take damage.

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter

The stickman Ragdoll fighter starts out weak and can only attack at close range. He can upgrade his skills as well as weapons in order to get the job done faster. In addition, the stickman Ragdoll fighter has very limited mobility, but once he learns to dodge an attack, he can turn the table against his opponent and cause great amounts of damage with just his bare hands.

The last character that we will discuss is the Unlimited ammo mod. This mod allows the player to have unlimited amounts of ammo in every weapon. The Unlimited ammo mod comes with two weapons – a laser gun and a heavy machine gun. These two weapons are each capable of inflicting different amounts of damage on opponents.

Unlimited Ammo

The Unlimited ammo mod is available to all players who purchase the Ragdoll Fighter for Xbox 360. However, the player can purchase the unlimited mod separately for each platform. Once the download is complete, you will have infinite ammo in every weapon of your choice.

As with the stickman Ragdoll fighter, this mod will enable you to engage in long, drawn-out combat without ever getting stuck or running out of ammo. The Unlimited ammo mod allows you to fight one on one battles without much difficulty thanks to its unique abilities and combat mechanics.

Each Level

Each level within the game has unique objectives that must be overcome before you move on to the next level. If you find yourself stuck on a particular objective, you can simply restart a previous level to retry the mission. The Ragdoll Fighter Mod Apk for Xbox 360 uses a new controller which adds to the game’s unique feel and gameplay.


Download the free stickman Ragdoll fighter for free from the official Microsoft site. If you already own the game, simply download the itch-free version and follow the prompts for installation.

Enjoy limitless playtime on the Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PC by combining the downloadable version of the game with the console versions of the same game. In addition to fighting wars on Earth, the Ragdoll fighter Mod Apk also takes up battles on other planets. You can see for yourself the realism provided by this high-definition game by downloading it today!

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