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Radiation Island is a new game for Android that puts you into a post-apocalyptic universe after a devastating nuclear war and puts you in the position of needing to protect yourself from a relentless attack of zombies everywhere. There are no more cars and no more real humans so you must rely on your own wits to survive.

There are many zombies around as well and they’re extremely aggressive and will obviously attack anything that enters their path without hesitation. You’re also under constant threat of a radiation spill, which is another problem altogether.

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Radiation Island

Radiation Island puts you in the position of defending yourself from these zombies and their inhabitants. Its sole storyline is based on protecting the human population from the hordes of zombies that roam the island. The storyline is very well done and gives you excellent clues as to what will happen if you fail to do this.

This is because you have to use your own knowledge, scientific knowledge, weapons, vehicles, etc. to help you fight off these creatures.

Radiation Island map

As you begin your journey toward Radiation Island you need to complete tasks to gain access to the Radiation Island map. Once you’ve made it to the map you will notice that there are many different ways to complete these tasks. For example, some of them give you points while others deduct from your total score.

Wild animals

Each map also has a mini-game associated with it, which can be easily completed without too much effort by playing the same type of game on each of the maps. Some of these games include the usual brain teaser and word search, but others put you in dangerous situations where you have to use weapons and other tools against the possessed wild animals that are also appearing throughout the island.

First-person shooter

Radiation Island is not only a first-person shooter game, but it also has several action games for those who want a little more action in their gaming. For example, there is an upgrade system available for your weapons. There is also a vehicle section, where you can drive trucks and other vehicles around the island. The vehicles do not feature the same damage that the actual ones do in the game, but they still have the ability to cause destruction.

Nuclear radiation

If you enjoy the first-person view then you will probably like playing as Ray, who is one of the few characters you can unlock. This character has his own radio station which allows you to communicate with him. This is the only character besides the android who has the ability to talk to other survivors, and you can even choose to follow him around and see what he does.

As you travel through the large open world you will notice a lot of trees have been uprooted and replaced with rocks and trees. This natural change has left the island with a beautiful landscape, but it also means that there is a threat of nuclear radiation.


In order to protect yourself and your family, you need to build your shelter. Building the shelter requires a lot of research and effort, but you will eventually find all the resources you need along the way. When you first start playing Radiation Island you will be under the impression that you are in the middle of an emergency, when actually you are just waiting for a better chance to fight off the zombies.

Slowly heal

After you complete the initial set of tasks, the island will start to slowly heal, thus allowing you to build your base and work on improving your weapons and vehicles. Once you have enough money, you can buy better equipment to combat the zombie menace. The Radiation Island APK mod actually enables you to play as Ray, and this is one of the best changes I have seen in an action game.

Different benefits

Playing as Ray has a couple of different benefits overplaying the characters of the other survivors. First off you get the opportunity to buy the newest heavy-duty weapons and armor, which can help you in fighting off the zombies better than ever.

When you are at a lower level, you also do not have to deal with being shot as often as some of the other characters, since you are not as high up the food chain. However, even at a lower level, you can run into trouble when the zombies get very close to your location, especially if you are a female.


There are also quite a few easter eggs within the Radiation Island APK mod, most notably the flying fish. If you have been enjoying the cute little squid character that appears while you are on the lower level as Ray, you will definitely enjoy his companion in the game Radiation Island.


You also get to learn how to kill the bosses more quickly by killing them with a thrown tomato. These two additions make this new version of the action game a fun experience to play, but I think it would have been better without the flying fish.

Some people might consider this a cheap mod, but I for one find that having the ability to throw items to stun zombies makes the game much more fun to play. It is just a minor nitpick, but it does make the action game feel more realistic, just like the mod itself.

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