Puzzle of Love Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Puzzle of Love is the latest dating game from HTC, which has been designed for both iPhone and android devices. A Puzzle of Love is free download game on Google Play, which is supported by more than 200 million downloads. The game is very much similar to its predecessors Puzzle of Love and Splash of Joy, but now incorporates a variety of challenges that makes it different from its predecessors. If you think that Puzzle of Love is just another flash dating game, you are wrong!

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Puzzle of Love

Puzzle of Love is basically a dating simulation game, which revolves around the idea of love, and friendship. What’s good about the game is that you will be able to see different characters like Rumi, Clover, Sediments, and Terence, as they go on their adventure and find love and friendship in this relaxing puzzle game.

Ccommon Functions

You will be able to download Puzzle of Love apk, which is required to play the game on your HTC Wildfire or HTC Evo. This mod will allow you to view different characters during free time, and also provides various other functions. Here are some of the common functions provided by the mod:

Perfect Puzzle

This is what Puzzle of Love was designed for – to provide you with the perfect puzzle and game experience. While playing the game, you will be able to view different scenes, hear various conversations, hear voices, etc. There are several features available with this special version of the dating game. Some of them are:

Google Play

Downloading and using Puzzle of Love is very easy. First, all you have to do is to go to Google Play and search for ” Puzzle of Love”. You will then be able to find the application. You can then click on the download puzzle icon and save the file to your PC. Once the file is saved, you will be able to install the application onto your HTC Wildfire or HTC Evo.

Anime Girlfriends

If you want to play Puzzle of Love with anime girlfriends for free, it is recommended that you simply search for ” Puzzle of Love Free”. This should bring you to a page where you can find the application. However, if you really want to play Puzzle of Love, you should try out the “paid” version which costs $2.99

Play Puzzle of Love

To play Puzzle of Love with anime girlfriends for free, you will have to download the application onto your computer first. Next, you will need to visit Google Play and download the puzzle game. You will also need to sign up for an account at Google. The application does not require any type of monthly membership fee, so there is no reason why you should not try it out.

Solve The Puzzle

Once you have downloaded the application, you can launch it and then click on the ” Puzzle of Love” icon. It is recommended that you read the instructions properly before attempting to solve the puzzle.

You can try out all the different puzzles and view the most popular ones. If you are looking for a particular puzzle, you can just bookmark it and come back to it later. It would be best if you tried out Puzzle of Love when you were free because otherwise, you will not get that much enjoyment out of it.


Puzzle of Love is not the only dating game with anime girlfriends for free that is available on the internet. There are many more games that you can try out. However, Puzzle of Love is one of the most popular ones and you can be sure that you will be addicted once you try it out. So what are you waiting for?


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