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Punch Master is an MMA and kickboxing video game developed by Neogames and published for the PlayStation 2. The game can be played single-player or compete against other players in a friendly fight. In its single-player mode, you have to defend your territory from various attacks by various opponents.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible and to knock out your opponents before they knock you out. The game has a cartoon-like style and the punches, kicks, and other animations are made to look as realistic as possible.

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Punch Master 3D

Punch Master 3D is not like other fighting games where the participant simply uses his/her arms or legs to do damage. There is a whole other dimension to the player’s movements in this fighting game. Players can perform a combination of punches and kicks based on their fighting skills.

You can use a combination of moves to attack your opponents and score a lot of points during the course of the game. There are also several different game modes in Punch Master 3D that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The single-player mode of Punch Master 3D allows you to engage in fights against opponents online.

Fight Randomly

You will be able to select either a specific opponent or fight randomly. If you select randomly, you will be presented with a variety of opponents. You can try to knockout them all and move on to the next round while trying to score the most points. There is also an android version of the game that can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Another one of the Punch Master 3D games that you can play is the Punch Master 3D mod apk. With this mod, you can make use of some cool physics-based Ragdoll Fighting Game Effects so you can really feel like you are in the boxing ring with your opponents.

The mod enables you to swipe certain areas of the screen to opponents to make them vulnerable to more attacks. Swiping attacks can even be followed up with strikes to the legs or arms of your opponents.

Short Jump

You can also perform a short jump mixed with a jab as well as a cross-side kick when you use the master mode of Punch Master 3D. This can be performed by tapping the control pad in between swipes so that you can do a combination of several attacks. By using the right combination of these moves, you can easily defeat your opponents and win the fights in no time at all.

The other single-player mode in Punch Master 3D lets you learn new moves by selecting different animations for your punches and kicks. There are a total of four different Punch Master animations that you can select from.

When you select one, you will get to see how it looks like when it is being done on an animated screen. The four different animations include the regular punch, the counter punch, the side kick, and the roundhouse kick.

Full Effect

To be able to get the full effect of the mod, you need to install the Punch Master 3D mod along with the Zune download. However, the mod can still be used without the installation of the Zune program. Since the mod has been designed to work well with the Zune Portable Edition, it should not present any compatibility issues.

That is why this mod is a must-have for those who want to experience fighting with their opponents using the punching techniques that were originally shown in the famous Punch-Out videos.


If you have not played any Punch Master games before, you should give this one a try. You can get the full entertainment that you deserve by playing the game play in the training mode. You can just relax and learn different punches from the demonstrations included in the software.

The game play also enables you to improve on your technique as you go along with the training. Just practice a lot so that you can improve on your punches and KOs. This will make you a pro in no time at all.

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