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Pull Him Out is the newest version of the Pull Him Out Game, which is widely popular in the mobile games industry. The storyline revolves around a father who has been kidnapped by terrorists. In order to save him, the father decides to play a game called Pull Him Out where he has to save his dad. This game is equally enjoyable for both boys and girls.

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Pull Him Out Apk

The game has two versions the Standard and the Best World Class Pull Him Out. The standard version features lots of exciting and tricky puzzles to solve to save daddy from the clutches of the kidnappers. Each level is unique and carefully crafted to test your intelligence and challenge the mind. Get ready to unleash a whole world of tricky puzzles and mind teasers on the Best World Class Pull Him Out

Standard Version

On the standard version of Pull Him Out, you start the game by selecting one of the several rescue dogs available. There are various levels where you can choose the best dog for the job. Some dogs are faster, stronger, etc while some are more gentle and patient. As you advance in the game, you get to choose the best dog for the job and help your son/daughter save daddy.

Entire Story

While you can go through the entire story of the game, you will need to complete all the levels within a specific time limit in order to win the game. This is one of the best features of the Best World Class Pull Him Out Game.

You can enjoy the story while you play and gradually increase your skills by tackling the increasingly difficult and tricky puzzles. As you progress, you will also be rewarded with the much sought-after ‘buzz’. With every new level, you complete, the buzz increases.

Resource Box

You don’t have to download this game to your device – you can simply scan the link given in the resource box and install it to your device. Once the app downloads, you will get access to a number of useful features, such as the ability to save your progress and challenge others on the best world-class pull-out puzzle game.

The game has been designed so well that you won’t face any problem playing it on your mobile phone. The layout is simple and the game is perfectly optimized for use on tablets.

Important Puzzles

To save your father, you will have to master several important puzzles. The app gives you the help you need to move through the various stages of the story in the right order and without suffering any injuries or ending up as the last man standing. Each level of the game is carefully designed and challenges you in different ways. You will have to make use of the physics engine to propel yourself through the various obstacles.

Save Your Game

You can easily save your game, switch between the episodes and continue enjoying the adventure. You will get help while solving the puzzles, hints, and tips whenever necessary. If you are having trouble with some of the episodes, you can always redo them using the download link given in the resource box.

The story is very exciting and you will relive the thrilling moments numerous times over when you play the latest release of the ‘Man Vs Monster’ – ‘Man Vs. Monster’.


The newest version of this exciting game is just as exciting and challenging as the first release. With a number of enhancements, the new version is even better than the first version. If you are still not sure about how to save your daddy, you should try this interesting yet addictive puzzle sport.

Download it for free, give it a try and you will love this fun download. So hurry up and download the new version of the ‘Man Vs. Monster’ today!

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