PUBG mobile mod apk (MOD Features Unlimited UC/ Heath​, everything/Aimbot)

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PUBG mobile has introduced yet another amazing version of its popular game called PUBG mobile. With this latest version of pubg mobile you will have unlimited access to free cash, unlimited levels of cheats, no ads, special weapons, more levels, skins, better vehicles/cars/bikes, etc. PUBG mobile apk gives you all these and much more for just a one time fee. It’s totally worth it.

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PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile gives you an incredible opportunity to get more content for your PUBG mobile without having to spend more money. Its great because PUBG mobile is a total package that offers a lot of things to its players. If you have an android device, PUBG mobile will definitely fit into your list of games. This version has been made specifically for the android devices and is compatible with most android devices currently on the market.

Pubg mod apk

PUBG mobile is a completely new version of the popular pubg mod apk download. It features new gameplay, a brand new battle field, a brand new map, and a whole lot more. It is now possible to play PUBG mobile against other players via the net.

Unlock special achievements

With PUBG mobile you can also unlock special achievements for the players. Just like the PUBG mod apk, this latest version also has new content, a new game board, and a new battle field. You are even given access to a tutorial to help you learn the basics of playing the game. With the PUBG mobile you get to fight alongside other players against a common enemy which is named the Dragon.

Using their weapons

The battle royale mode allows you to pit one of your own characters against the Dragon. In the game, the player takes control of one of the characters in your team and fight against the dragon using their weapons. The objective of the game is to kill the dragon and become the top contender among the others. One of the most interesting things about PUBG mobile is that you do not need to purchase the in-game currency, instead you can use real money if you would like to.

Highly competitive modes

PUBG mobile offers a full range of games including five highly competitive modes. You can also access a number of freebies and cosmetic items for the player’s wardrobe. One of the most intriguing things about this game is that it allows players to use the Google Maps application in order to view their positions on the battlefield. Using the pubg mod apk, this can be done right from the Android device itself.


The PUBG mobile mod apk is available directly through the Google play store. This means that it is completely free for all users. There are a few requirements though, such as a valid Google account and Android devices with Google devices. This is a great way to test the waters with the game before purchasing the full version to use on the official Android Market. If you are worried about the controls of the game being limited on certain phones, then this is a great alternative to having a monthly fee and being restricted.

The pc version

To sum it up, PUBG mobile offers a free to play version and an enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by anyone whether on the go or at home. The pc version does not work on some of the newer android phones which run on Windows OS. If you have an older android phone that runs the Windows OS, then the PC version will not work for you.

Game activities

PUBG mobile has a paid version which costs $1.99 in the Google Play Store. It comes with additional in-game features like leaderboards, stats, and advertisements. However, there are differences between the paid and free versions of PUBG mobile. The free version has limited in-game activities and is quite basic. On the other hand, the paid version offers more exciting content which is more detailed and has leaderboards to challenge you.

PUBG mobile’s features

PUBG mobile’s features also include leaderboards and stats. Players can compare themselves with others around the world. Plus, they can unlock unlimited cabbages once they have collected 200 cabbages. The free version only has two cabbages but the paid version has three cabbages which are purple, gold, and silver, giving the players a lot of freedom in their selection.


These are just some of the PUBG mobile’s many amazing features which will surely entertain and inspire players. The best android game has all these plus many more. They offer a great game play, exciting graphics, amazing music, and an interface that is easy to use. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to spend your leisure time, PUBG mobile is definitely the way to go. Download now!

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