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Potion Punch 2 is an exciting and fun time-management game in which you team up with an aspiring young alchemist to create and sell all kinds of magic spells. This is the sequel of the popular potion-selling RPG, now with even more enhanced graphics and modern features.

Potion Punch

This time around, you have to train your apprentice using over 40 levels of tutorials, where you’ll learn how to design potions, cure injuries, purchase equipment, and much more. It is now possible to brew potions and acquire new allies for your character as you traverse across 16 different stages.

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The story revolves around Yuna, a young alchemist who lives in dream worlds created by her father. One day, while Yuna is shopping, she gets a letter from her deceased father, begging her to come back to the world. While you return to her home, you find that his body has been buried, and you are tasked to do something about it.

Online Management

In this online management game, you have to train and prepare your young apprentice, complete quests, and fight enemies in order to clear the levels and reach the final boss.

You play as Yuna, an aspiring young alchemist who dreams of opening a fantasy restaurant in your favorite city. To start your career as an alchemist, you’ll need to enroll at the Magic Academy and create various concoctions using various ingredients.

When you’ve successfully created three or more different potions, you’ll need to promote them to other players and open your own business in your favorite city. This time, you’ll have to deal with the tower, wherein all kinds of potions are needed, as well as a wide variety of unique monsters you’ll battle to clear the stage.

The First Version

Like the first version of this cooking adventure, Potion Punch 2 offers hours of fun and exciting gaming as you try to cook up the best recipes. You can transform normal ingredients into powerful concoctions like fire, ice, fog, and poison to make the food items you cook into the kind of items more likely to attract monsters.

Potion Punch Apk Free Download

However, this time around, you won’t be able to use just any old pots and pans. The focus of this game is to use special equipment that changes objects into different things like glass bottles or cans, making them breakable, thus gaining access to more powerful ingredients.

Cooking Adventure

In the second part of this cooking adventure, you need to collect coins and purchase more pots and pans to create even more powerful potions. IOS devices like iPhone and Blackberry are supported by this release.

You will also have to learn more about ingredients and recipes as you go through this second part of this potion pout. It’s possible to pause the game and continue where you left off, should you get stuck on a particular task. You can also save the progress of the game, allowing you to come back to it later.

Collecting Ingredients

This time around, you will be collecting ingredients to cook up potions and items to sell in the marketplace. The pots and pans are not required in the first part of the game, where you were searching for ingredients to create stronger potions, but they do make it easier to find ingredients in the trash bin.

If you empty the trash bin before collecting coins or money from the sale window, you won’t be able to access it again to cook up more powerful potions.

Since the coins and money from the store window aren’t allowed to be used to create potions, potion punch 2 requires you to collect these resources along with the trash and potions dropped by monsters to successfully complete the game.

Potion Punch Apk

Cooking Skills

As you go through the game, you’ll see that your cooking skills improve as well, so you can cook up more expensive dishes and foods to sell. The ingredients needed to cook up more powerful potions are only available on rare occasions.

The items in the trash can also be sold, but this takes time, which is one of the downsides to Potion Punch 2. In between going through all the dungeons and collecting ingredients and cooking up new potions, you’ll need to play the slots to pay for the powers that be.


The time-management aspect of Potion P punch is what really grabs me to this point since there’s simply no way to make up for that time-sluggishness when it comes to playing the slots. The time-management challenges presented by Potion Punch 2 require a lot of thought and skill.

Trying to use an item on the board while moving quickly isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got a monster approaching your character. I do, however, recommend that you play Potions P punch online, where you can play with friends, opponents, or other players for even more fun.

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