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Popcorn Roast Gameplay is inspired by an extreme history lesson. The story revolves around an extreme case of greed when an unknown benefactor releases a mysterious parcel of paper containing information about Popcorn Godfather and the Popcorn Empire. Upon reading, the man notices that the content in the paper is clearly written in indecipherable code, and upon translating it back to English, it is clear that the message was not intended to be readable by humans.

As such, he decides to get the information out to the public and begin negotiations with the owner of Popcorn Empire. He succeeds, to the extent that Popcorn Godfather agrees to give up his vast holdings to feed a hungry public. As such, a new Popcorn Godfather emerges on the scene, vowing to feed the public with Popcorn if only Popcorn can be delivered safely to their homes.

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Popcorn Roast Apk

Unfortunately, the unfortunate Popcorn Godfather has no idea how to do that, and upon delivering his first Popcorn Godpiece to the wrong Popcorn House, he gets his leg fractured. With this leg, Popcorn begins to suffer, as he struggles to pick up his Popcorn God Piece and deliver it to the correct location.

Players control Popcorn by placing their mouse over a series of buttons on the screen, and then carefully clicking on each of them to make Popcorn dash into action. When enough coins have been collected to proceed, the game will end and the player will lose a piece of their health.

Positive Attributes

As you can imagine, the aim of the game isn’t entirely straight forward, but this simplicity brings a number of positive attributes to the game. For instance, due to the fact that there are only two buttons to target, there is very little learning required on your part, which means that even a child can quickly learn the basics of playing the Popcorn Game.

Simple Controls

On top of that, the simple controls and lack of complication means that this game can be played in a number of different environments and at any skill level. This means that Popcorn Godfather will never fail to entertain. If you need some entertainment but aren’t quite ready for something deep and thought-provoking, than Popcorn Roast is sure to be a success.

Simple Controls

One of Popcorn Roast’s great things is the element of surprise. Due to the way the game deals with elements of surprise, the player never knows when Popcorn will pop up, and the result is often some wonderful Popcorn jokes that will keep the player in stitches. The developers obviously put a lot of effort into the presentation of the game, because the Popcorn Godfather is clearly visible throughout the entire game. He is like crazy, and is an element that adds a lot to the gameplay.

Popcorn Roast Features

Popcorn Roast features a number of different characters. The Popcorn Godfather is the most important character, but other supporting characters include; the Popcorn Salesman, Popcorn the Refrigerator, Popcorn the Poocher, Popcorn the Binoculars, Popcorn the Robot, Popcorn the Fireplace Repairman, Popcorn the Big Bad, and the Popcorn Employee.

Solve Problems

They all help Popcorn solve problems by providing helpful information, which comes in the form of popcorn. The information provided, when collected and interpreted correctly, can be used to make the final snack. Each character has a different purpose, which makes the game more fun and unpredictable.

Different Paths

When you play Popcorn Roast, there are five different paths to choose from, each path offering its own crazy information. All the information is provided clear and concise, and you are always guaranteed to find something useful.

The primary objective of the game is to pop the maximum amount of popcorn for the shortest amount of time, but the secondary objectives are to cook different items, to collect star points, to get the maximum amount of money and the many other things as well. This makes the goal of this entertaining game very challenging, because there are so many things you have to do.

Popcorn Poker

If you ever played Popcorn Poker, then you know how this game is all about strategy. The same rules apply here, only with much more action and crazy stuff happening around you. You are also trying to obtain the highest score possible, which is a very exciting high score counter. The game gets progressively more challenging as it goes on, but it’s completely worth it.


Popcorn Roast is a unique game, which incorporates a mixture of fun, with some strategy. If you have ever tried Popcorn Poker, Popcorn Squares, or even Hot Potato, then you know that Popcorn Roast is a variation of those games, but it’s all new and a lot of fun! Some people might not like strategy games, but I think this one is pretty cool. The game is available for free on Popcorn Roast’s website, and it is recommended that you try it out before you buy it. It has a few problems, but if you know what you are doing, then they aren’t major problems. Overall, I think Popcorn Roast is worth playing.

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