Pokémon GO Mod Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

Pokémon GO is an upcoming free-to-play, augmented-reality smartphone game based on the popular Japanese cartoon series. The game is the brainchild of Niantic and The Pokémon Company, which are well known for creating the highly popular Pokémon games. The game is being co-developed by Game Freak, a team of software specialists and gamers.

Pokémon itself is a real-time virtual card game, which means that players take on the role of monster hunter who tries to catch as many virtual monsters as he or they can in order to gain points and eventually win the game. Players earn points when they defeat monsters, but can lose points as well if they run into a trainer who uses a Pokedex device to check his or her Pokémon’s status.

Pokémon GO Apk

3D Avatar

The game is played on a 3D avatar called a Pokedex, which shows where the next destination of a monster can be found, making it easier for players to plan their hunts. In the event that a player takes more than one trip around the world, that player must submit their area of coverage to the network.

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This is done via the GPRS modem integrated into the smartphone. Once this is done, players can enjoy the game on any wireless network, including Wi-Fi in many cases. They do not have to worry about being tethered to a computer or other external device in order to play the game.

Battle and Exploration

To start playing the game, a player creates a new account at a fee of free in-game currency called Pokémon Cash. Players can use this currency to buy items from a selection of Pokémon Centers, which play a large role in the growth and maintenance of the game.

These centers can be found all around the world and can be accessed wirelessly from most smartphones. When a player enters a world, he or she will be prompted to select a type of Pokémon to play. There are two basic types of play: battle and exploration.Pokémon GO Mod Apk

Turns Battling

Players take turns battling it out using their Pokedex. They can also use items called Pok bonds to influence the powers of their Pokémon. Battles have several levels, and the player’s goal must first be to move up to level five before they can choose a type of battle.

Once a player has passed this initial test, they can choose to play a three-on-three battle against an opponent. Players can switch at any time during a battle if they desire but must stay in the same room as their opponent to do so.

Exploring The World

Exploring the world is what players will do in this game. They will find items called pokument, which will unlock different areas of the world map. All of these areas are made up of different levels that feature a variety of attractions for players. The more points an area holds, the more interesting it will be to explore. Different regions also contain puzzles for players to solve.


Pokémon Go uses the Famitsu system to mark the points earned in each world. These are called money and will add up as the player makes progress through the game. The world map is colored based on the region in which the game is being played, so players will easily see which region they’re playing in.

On the gameboard, there is a list of places where Pokémon can be caught, and each of these is color-coded to show which Pokémon are contained in that area.

Motion Detector Technology

The Nintendo Wii uses motion detector technology similar to what is found in Super Mario Wii. The player can use the motion detection to turn their Pokémon into a beam and shoot them across the gameboard. This allows the players to strategically get the Pokémon’s they want to collect while avoiding the ones that other players have already collected.Pokémon GO Apk Download


Pokémon Go is compatible with the Nintendo Wii, though it is not clear whether or not this will be an option when the game is released. It is possible, however, that the game will support the motion detection technology that is featured on the Wii.

Either way, this type of gameplay will make it easier for players to enjoy a truly entertaining Wii experience. Nintendo is also promising a lot of new features and changes to the game, including various ways to win and gather rewards, that have yet to be revealed.

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