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Plant Mania is an application from Plants Vs Zombies maker Popcap. The application involves several games including planting, protecting, harvesting, breeding, and eating plants. The player’s tasks are to plant, protect, harvest, breed, and eat plants within a certain period of time. The plants are not necessarily edible but can be used for decorative purposes.

Plant Mania

As Plant Mania’s popularity continued to grow, Popcap added several new plants and introduced Plant Mania: Super Edition to the App Store. This update included over 20 new plant types, three new habitats, four new achievements, two new levels, and two other unique features.

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One of the Plant Mania skins is based on the My Plants 4 game. It is able to grow any of the 30 plants found in the original version of the game. The other Skin is called the Plant Mania: Master Collection, and allows the user to plant all thirty plants found in the original release of the game.

Helped Increase

Two additions that helped increase the interest in Plant Mania are the Plant Mania: Super Edition graphics and the Plant Mania: Aroid Prime effects. The Plant Mania: Super Edition graphic has been created by the award-winning artist, Masahiro Sakuraba.

It uses the Unity Asset platform, which means it is fully compatible with Windows Vista, XP, and Mac. This asset also works extremely well with the iPhone and iPad, as it is a beautifully drawn and colorful app that looks absolutely stunning.

Masahiro Sakuraba is a renowned artist, known for his wonderful artwork and illustrations. He was asked to create the Plant Mania: Super Edition effect because he felt that the more plants that can be collected in the game, the more fun it would be for players.

Create a Garden

One of his objectives was to create a garden that looks like a realistic version of spiritus Sancti, which is found only in Japan. Sakuraba came up with thirty different varieties of plants that can be collected, which all have their own unique qualities.

As previously mentioned, Spiritus Sancti was one of the most sought-after plants by consumers when it was released. However, in order for this plant to be collected from the game, the player must also kill a certain number of other plants along the way.

If a player fails to do this, then they will not be able to collect spiritus Sancti as it belongs to the last Plant they planted. Sakuraba, being the artist that he is, figured this would be an easy challenge, and thus, created the Plant Mania: Super Edition to make it even easier for players.

Inclusion of The Plants

With the inclusion of the Plants that can only be obtained through Plant Mania, and only by killing and plucking, it became more difficult to clear the island of all the unwanted plants. The island was virtually littered with dozens of plants that a person simply could not make good house plants.

Thanks to Mr. Sakuraba, however, this problem was immediately taken care of. He made sure that every houseplant in the Plant Mania: Super Edition had its very own variant in order to provide every player with a better experience with his or her houseplants.

Island of Manicotti

Of course, not everything on the Island of Manicotti is aquatic. Some portions are actually composed of land plants and some are underwater; the player will have to learn about the various types of plants as well as what kind of environment each is best suited for.

This includes the new Instagram application called, appropriately enough, “Aroid Maniac”, which allows the player to find all of the different variants of plants, their effects, how to use them, and where to find them. In addition to the aroid variant of the plant family, “Avalanches”, there is another brand new Instagram application by the name of “Avalanches Variegated Monstera”, which has plants of all descriptions.


These include trees, shrubs, ferns, rocks, gravel, butterflies, and even “monsters”. Each type of plant has a special effect, and Mr. Sakuraba really seems to know his or her audience. Some of the trees have special abilities that help you cut down trees faster; some can protect you from animals; some can attract birds and other wildlife;

and some can even transform into different objects, like balls or rings. The different varieties of plants are really visually enticing, with a high level of visual optimization for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These applications really make you realize that an island full of a million varieties of plants isn’t really that big of a deal.

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