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Planet Bomber is a game for all those who love space battles. Here on Planet Bomber Mod Apk, Android users will get their opportunities to really take on the intense gameplay of world-blasting action. Wage endless virtual wars against the evil Dr.

Darkhan, and release your Planet into the universe. Step into the galaxy as one of the deadliest space fighters, and blast your enemies into oblivion. Fight with an arsenal of weapons including the powerful Mega Dunk and the devastating Space Thug.

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Planet Bomber

Planet Bomber Mod Apk is a free game from the popular Android game development company,idian. The mod is available for free download from the Planet Bomber site. On this site, you can upgrade your game to the premium version, which has more advanced features and game modes.

Planet Bomber Apk Free Download

The premium version has many more features and is an upgraded version of the game. It also has two exciting game modes: Story mode and Endless mode.

The in-game levels are very interesting and provide unlimited replay value. They change every time you play so that you always have something new to look forward to. The in-game levels change according to the storyline and also let you select your own music and soundtrack.

Smooth Gameplay

These exciting game modes allow you to really enjoy the gameplay and its smooth gameplay. You will find that Planet Bomber Mod Apk is one of the best shooting games on mobile devices today.

As you progress through the game, you will get more levels and different challenges. There are five islands to fight and bombs to collect along the way. There are also many power-ups and bombs that can help you in your mission to defeat the evil Dr. Darkkan. The exciting gameplay and exciting missions have made the game more popular than the Android versions.

Army of Robots

The story is set at the turn of the 20th century where you will help the resistance against Dr. Darkkan and his army of robots. The resistance fighters must protect the Earth from their massive war machine as they prepare to fight and kill the evil Doctor.

Planet Bomber Apk Download

The good guys must destroy all the Dr. Darkkans’ bombs to win the battle and get the humans off the planet. This is a good game with an excellent plot and exciting gameplay.

Planet Bomber offers a simple design for addictive gameplay. The gameplay is frantic and fun. You will love how this game feels when you are on the edge of success and losing.


You can stay focused and destroy the evil Dr. Darkkan and win the freedom of the universe using your flying tank. The gameplay is fast-paced and never slows down. This is a design that makes you want to spend more time enjoying the simple design and the addictive gameplay.

The simple gameplay consists of two phases, the base game and the final mission on each planet. The game progresses through several stages and you will be able to earn several upgrades along the way. You can build your own tank and destroy Dr. Darkkan’s evil space army to ultimately free the planet from his rule.

There are five planets to defend and each stage has different objectives. There are simple objectives such as protecting one sector, defending multiple sectors, destroying the evil Dr. Darkkan, and even a time bomb to completely destroy everything on screen for a win.

Planet Bomber Apk


Planet Bomber Mod Apk is one of the few old games that are both simple and addictive. The unique style and the crazy objectives make you want to play it again.

The use of weapons and the crazy settings makes this game a lot of fun. The simple gameplay and the multiple ways to win adds to its appeal and make it one of the bestroid games on Facebook. If you enjoy simple gameplay, strong shooting, and destroying enemy forces you will love Planet Bomber.

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