Pixel Survival Game 2 apk (MOD Features Unlimited Gems)


Pixel Survival Game 2 is an evolution of the popular MMORPG survival game. Many years have past since the last Pixel Heroes survived so many lonely nights.
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October 2, 2022
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Pixel Survival Game 2 is an evolution of the popular MMORPG survival game. Many years have passed since the last Pixel Heroes survived so many lonely nights. Now, the rebuilt town is once again peaceful, where you still have to lead all the surviving Heroes once again for more building, crafting, monster hunting, and survival! Are you ready to start the adventurous journey once again?

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Pixel Survival Game 2

This time around, you will play as pixel heroes who were once lost in deep woods. You must now explore the dark forests, rescue the little pixel hero and make every pixel hero useful in your quest. There is also a secret dungeon to explore and a number of deadly traps and enemies waiting to trap you! If you die, your pixel hero will become a skeleton and you will have to start from the very beginning again!

Pixel Search

The second part of this addictive pixel search and rescue is to boost up your loot probability. You can buy unlimited gems to improve your loot chance or purchase rare items from merchants to gain rare rewards such as maxed-out health, extra lives, diamond necklaces, and much more! Purchase gems, food, weapons, equipment, and other useful items in the market to boost your chances of survival.

Handy Tools

You can increase your inventory by creating a lot of handy tools, recipes, and explosives to help you battle the hostile monsters. You will be able to craft potions to heal you and damage the monsters. To kill the monsters, you can use the shock collar, flamethrower, laser gun, sticky trap, or freeze guns. You can also raise your skill level by equipping a crossbow, ax, and shovel. This will make it easier for you to find the exit in case you meet an enemy.

Different Challenges

There are many different challenges in this exciting and addicting game as you fight through rooms of puzzles and attacks from the pixel monsters you will meet along the journey. Each room has a variety of switches, levers, and security panels to activate and deactivate different parts of the game.

Some of these include activating a hidden switch that will lower the oxygen level, activating a laser to eliminate the pixel creatures that pass through your path, activating a decoy to turn your own weapon on, and so on.

Survival Game

The latest version of the popular pixel survival game has been completely revamped. The newest version has been rebuilt with a new user interface and better graphics that provide a very lifelike experience of playing. One of the best additions is the option of crafting gems using crafting supplies found around the house. The crafting recipes are not restricted to only rare gem crafting materials and the level cap has been raised to level 10.

New Version

Like the original, the new version of pixel survival 2 mod apk has been made completely compatible with most popular browsers such as Firefox, IE, and Chrome. It is recommended that you have the latest version of Java installed on your PC before launching the game.

It is also recommended that you use high-quality graphics settings as the default settings tend to be quite low quality. If possible, try to play the game using the default settings as the graphics will appear much clearer and more natural.


For some, the fun of this hunting-based survival video game will be limited by the fact that you can only use one type of item while playing. The player is also prevented from creating their own inventory until they are level 20. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long before enough materials are collected to allow the player to level up, purchase the right weapons and armor, craft armor and weapons and find the required ingredients to craft potions and food.

As in the original, there are a variety of animals that you can hunt down and kill to gain experience points which can be converted into battle XP which allows you to level up quickly and learn new skills.


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