Pixel Strike 3D Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited coins)


Pixel Strike 3D is an incredibly fun mod for your Android device! It's like an updated take on old-school arcade style games, giving you an improved touch screen control for more realistic gameplay
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October 1, 2022
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Pixel Strike 3D is an incredibly fun mod for your Android device! It’s like an updated take on old-school arcade-style games, giving you an improved touch screen control for more realistic gameplay. It also comes packed with over 50 amazing arcade levels, many of which are made to test your reflexes. If you thought classic arcade action was dead, think again!

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Pixel Strike 3D

Pixel Strike 3D packs the classic arcade action of old with a modern flair. You’ll need to master your platform weapon, dodge bullets, and collect power-ups in order to win each level. This multiplayer shooter lets you sharpen your reflexes as you play on mobile devices that support “web apps”. Here’s how to get started:

Pixel Strike 3D mod

First, you need to download a mod from the Google play store called ” Pixel Strike 3D mod (or whatever the name of the program is). Once you’ve downloaded it, you will need to install it. To do this, you need to go to the google play store, scroll down to where it says ” Apps” and click the tab at the bottom that says ” Install modpacks”. When you’re at the Google play store, look for the particular game you want to play, then look for the option for downloads, then click the link.

Downloading the mod

Downloading the mod will place an application on your phone which makes it possible for you to begin playing immediately. To finish installing the mod, you will need to log into your Google account and sign in using your Google account ID and password. Once you’ve done so, you should see a screen prompting you to install the latest version of the application.

Once you have, you can then start the game by clicking on it from the main menu. If you get stuck anywhere within the code, just Google the term ” Pixel Strike 3D APK Solution” and you should have access to all the help you could possibly need.


The first course of action would be to try and get all the achievements possible within the first level. Some of the achievements include a kill streak of 200, five kills with a rocket launcher, one double jump, and three deaths. Some of these are quite simple, while others may require some more thinking and real-life strategy on your part, such as getting five red dot kills without dying in the combat zone.

As you move through the various stages, you’ll earn money, crates, and items. The cash boxes can sometimes hold rare items which will further increase your chances of earning some achievements while the crates are used to equip you with powerful weapons and armors.

Multiplayer options

The next course of action would be to try and find all the multiplayer options that are available for the game on your device. You must have a relatively modern smartphone or tablet of Android OS 4.2 or higher to take advantage of the in-game multiplayer options available with the HTC Wildfire.

HTC Wildfire

The HTC Wildfire lets you unlock new weapons, change your hairstyle, and customize your skin with new colors and patterns right from your device’s home screen. These options allow you to really customize your look and personalize your character so you can feel a connection to the game and become emotionally attached to it.

Unique things

The third course of action would be to find and install many unique and exciting pieces of add-ons and content for your Pixel Strike 3D mobile device. There are many unique things available to you such as an advanced targeting system, weapon aiming options, an amazing assortment of multiplayer maps, improved weapon handling, and more.

Unique game types

There are also many unique game types to choose from such as the traditional survival mode, time attack mode, and many other challenges. To truly enjoy your time spent playing the game, it’s important that you are able to fully customize your device’s look and user interface with the many great HTC apps available for your device. These apps give you access to the latest features and functionalities that are available right on your HTC Wildfire.


In short, the HTC Wildfire gives you the ability to play the best first-person shooter on your mobile phone. You’ll find that there are a variety of interesting and engaging activities that will keep you busy for many hours when playing this exciting online first-person shooter game on your HTC Wildfire.

Although the platform is not very big yet, it is already making a splash around the world. The next few months will no doubt see many more exciting games being released for the Android platform. If you have been waiting to unlock new weapons and fully customize your device, then you don’t have to wait much longer!


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