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Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D from developer, Playfire is a game based on the early ’90s arcade series of fighting games. It’s actually one of those rare games that actually manages to combine nostalgic gaming concepts with contemporary ideas. The game basically follows the story of a young boy who stumbles upon a mysterious code. Once he reads it, he has his own’Pixel Fury’ ability which makes him virtually invincible.

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Pixel Fury

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D borrows some references from the original arcade game that made it popular, but also adds a dose of its own style to the proceedings. As a result, it’s not just a faithful recreation of arcade action game play, but also more importantly, it borrows some interesting ideas from the world of modern weaponry today. Here are some of the weapons, abilities, and specialties featured in the game:

Multiplayer in 3D

The main weapon of the game pixel fury is the mini tank/bouncer. It has a very weak point, but the ability to charge up and hit multiple enemies at a time makes up for its lack of big damage per hit. The mini tank has four doors on its side. These doors allow two players to enter the game simultaneously, and four players can join in on a fight between two rivals. The other players just stand aside and let the opponents come to them.

Different upgrades

Each of these weapons can be customized with different upgrades, giving each player varying levels of capabilities and abilities. The tank has an arm mounted laser that can fire at enemies from a safe distance. There are also anti-air defense robots that can shoot down the mini tanks, allowing a couple of players to get in on a fight from a longer range. These defenses are generally weak against the faster moving missiles, and the four door tank is no match for their speed. This style of multiplayer shooter is quite fun, as both sides have plenty of options available.

Primary weapons

In addition to these, there are also a couple of primary weapons available to each player in pixel fury. These weapons are often acquired through skill points, which unlock additional weapon slots for purchase. There are a few main types of weapons available, including energy based and multi-shot.

Powerful enemies

Some of these can even be combined into special combinations, making for a much larger selection of weapons for players to use. The various upgrades make these weapons viable against stronger opponents, though they often prove incapable of defeating the equally powerful enemies spawned from particle generators.


For those interested in playing a more involved and chaotic action game, the final game in pixel fury has a free-for-all battle mode. This allows players to mix up their attacks and strategies in an effort to eliminate all of their opponents. The arenas are randomly generated, so they never become predictable. This makes them a great place to practice new moves and techniques. It also means that players are not limited to just one style of attack, as there is a wide array of ways to attack their enemies.

Meteor hammers

The game’s multiplayer offers a great deal of interesting twists on typical first person shooter games. Many players find that the real challenge lies within the weapons that they can use against their enemies. Each weapon type has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

High damage

For example, there are meteor hammers that offer high damage but low rate of fire. They can also be purchased after earning a certain number of kills with their primary weapons. The Plasma Repeater, on the other hand, deals out a strong burst of damage, but has a very short range and can only be used in close quarters.


The multiplayer game is quite balanced between the two main warring factions, the robots and the humans. Players who choose to stick with one side often end up having a good chance at winning a fight from behind, as the humans usually have better accuracy and faster reload times than the Robos. However, playing with multiple players always gives players an opportunity to see how their arsenal works and gives them a better chance of coming out on top. If you are looking for a new online fighting game with some excellent graphics and realistic physics, then Pixel Fury may be the game for you!

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