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In terms of WhatsApp’s official application, WhatsApp is concerned, that users have some issues. The restrictions on the number of images, length of videos, as well as the size of documents, are issues.

Pink WhatsApp

If you are looking for a WhatsApp application for messaging that doesn’t force you to be shackled by these limitations as well as offers many new features, you should consider trying WhatsApp Pink at the very least.

The ease and capabilities offered through this app are impossible, to sum up in this article. We tried, however, to summarize all tools and features that this application offers below.

Additional Information

Version 2.0
Requirement Android 2.3 and higher
Developed By Altornedo7
Released on 30 April 2022
Ratings 4+
Size 24MB
Category Whatsapp
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Below, we’ve listed a few of the most popular features offered in this new version of WhatsApp.

File Format

You can share any file in any format. You can also send files in MP4 or mp3, or any other digital data format, and you don’t have to worry about the size or length of the file. Pink WhatsApp allows you to transfer documents and files, regardless of length. This means that you are not limited to the file size.

In the official WhatsApp and certain Modded variants of WhatsApp, You are bound to share videos with less than a few megabytes. But in this WhatsApp it is possible to increase the length of videos you’ll not be sharing.


Privacy control hasn’t always been as secure as it is in WhatsApp. Choose the privacy option and the type of privacy you wish to configure to ensure the security of your application. You will not be required to download any third-party source of security in order to ensure that your application is encrypted.

There’s a wide array of options to keep your application secure, such as patterns, numeric key locks, and more. If your phone supports fingerprint security, you can enable it on your WhatsApp as well. You can do this manually through the Settings of WhatsApp.


Change the interface like the color, theme, notification area color, and more. Some of you may think it is the case that the default colors of your application’s background will be pink.

However, this is a myth even though the default background color for the app is pink, you can change it yourself through the settings. You can choose any color that you sell or a picture to be the background for your application.

Font Appearance

Alongside the theme change, it is possible to alter the appearance and color of the fonts using the app. The standard font is able to be switched into bubble-on or the color is able to be altered from black or any other color that you want to match the background.

Status Download

Download updates and statuses of friends. Like with official WhatsApp it is necessary to use an additional application that is third-party to download the statuses that your contacts have uploaded.

Sometimes, the applications you install to download status updates aren’t secure enough for your mobile security. With pink WhatsApp, it is possible to directly download the status, without the installation of any third-party app.

Copy Text

Copy the text directly from the statuses of your friends and then paste it wherever you’d like on your smartphone. This is among the most intelligent attributes of WhatsApp because there are only a few Modded apps of WhatsApp that let you make a direct copy of text status.

Hide Message

Block chats from the main screen. You can also set the password. For instance, if someone decides to open the WhatsApp message via the menu on the home screen on WhatsApp you will need a passcode you set prior.

Additionally, keep in mind that the password for both the chat application’s password and that for chat will differ therefore, do not be concerned that they will both have the same password.

Send Large Files

We know that the maximum file size you can send using the original version of WhatsApp is just 16 MB. Therefore, you can’t send large files through this version of WhatsApp. With the help of this application, you are able to send large files as opposed to the initial version of WhatsApp.


In the event that the verdict is concerned, we recommend this application due to its attractive interface. application.

While this application does not have all the features available in the Modded Version of WhatsApp however what makes it an app worthy of downloading is its amazing interface. The people who have tried this application love the unique design of the application.


Does pink WhatsApp application available in the Google Play store?

The application isn’t available in the Google Play Store because it’s the Modded version. However, you can download it from our website.

What is the cost of Pink WhatsApp application cost-free?

Yes, the application is completely free to download.

is Whatsapp Pink secure for use?

Yes millions of WhatsApp people are using the latest version of WhatsApp

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