Pick Crafter Apk (Mod Features Full Unlocked)

In Pick Crafter, you get to craft and farm the land using only blocks that you find on the internet! You first need to find an enchanted land that you like and then build there. When you are done, earn money by selling the blocks you crafted and farm the plants. When you are done, open chests to find valuable items and empty chests to get more picks.

Pick Crafter Mod

Pick Crafter mod is a simple mod that has been designed by me(Cyrus). It is not recommended for children because it is very simple and could cause problems when used improperly.

To start playing, find an enchanted land which you like and then build there. Once you are done, earn money by selling the crafted blocks and farming the plants. Open chests to find enchanted tools and pick up enchanted ore, when you are done, travel to the enchanting shop and use your pick crafter Mod Apk to create the things you need.

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The Pick Crafter mod has been made so simple that kids can play with it without any problems. If you find that this mod is too easy to understand, you can turn it off and just learn to play pick crafter with the use of a pick block.

Master The Craft

Once you are able to build with ease, you will surely master the craft. There is also a leveling guide provided for people who want to master the art of building before they attempt to level up.


In order to be able to do some of the jobs, you will need help. There are many communities where you can get help. These communities are available on the internet, forums, social networks, and chat groups.

Once you are at a chat group, try to ask for someone’s help. This could be a very good opportunity to make new friends. If you can get some suggestions or tips from them, it will definitely help you to speed up the process of building.

Rules To Follow

When you are creating a block, there are certain rules to follow. You should follow these rules to prevent you from wasting materials and time. First of all, do not place the same block two or three times on one spot. Pick the block wisely and place it in the right place. Do not pick a block that will take too long to build.

The block needs to be sturdy enough to withstand being smashed to pieces. If you get an idea from a tutorial, you can easily construct a sturdy block. After you get your hands on a few wooden bits, it will be easier to construct sturdy blocks. Try and arrange the pieces nicely so as to avoid disarray.

Safety Precautions

You will need some basic tools in order to pick a crafter. You will need a hammer, saw, cork screwdriver, nails, tape measure, and pencil. Try and pick up as many tools as possible so that you have them for future use. It will also help if you take some safety precautions. Wear safety glasses or rubber gloves when you are crafting.


The final thing that you should remember is to have fun. Crafters are creative people. They like to challenge themselves and do something new. So, just relax and enjoy the process while you are being creative. If you are having trouble, you can always ask for help from other crafters.

Pick Crafter Tutorials

Pick crafter Mod Apk tutorials are easy to find on the Internet. There are plenty of free pick crafter resources that you can access. However, they are not always very good or very detailed. In fact, some of them might even give you bad advice.

Therefore, before you start your first project, you will need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the different types of crafters’ work.

If you are not sure exactly what you want to make, then you will also need to familiarize yourself with various types of items that you may be able to pick up along the way. A pick crafter Mod Apk tutorial will help you pick up useful skills that will help you make the best craft project possible.


So, why spend hundreds of dollars on scrap materials. Have fun, and you will soon be making great projects. Pick up a few tutorials and get to work. Soon, you will be making enough money to pay for your hobby without ever leaving the house. It is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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