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Penny & Flo games have become one of the most downloaded games in social networking sites like Facebook. With the popularity of the game, it has also become a source of amusement for children as well as adults. The game has gained popularity because of a number of reasons. It is simple to understand and play. There is no complexity in understanding the controls and how the game will work. You can even download the Penny & Flo mod for FREE!

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Penny & Flo

Penny & Flo on Facebook was launched by a group of people who had fun with a theme called “Flip City.” They wanted to create an online game where they could use Facebook’s popular applications to make their way through the different stages of Flip City. Therefore, the group started working on the concept of Penny & Flo gameplay. It took them less than two months to launch the home mod. In just a few weeks, the popularity of the application skyrocketed, and now it is one of the most popular games on Facebook.

Penny & Flo on Facebook

Penny & Flo on Facebook provides a very nice interface. It is easy to learn and play because it includes tutorials on the various game modes which allow you to find the solution to puzzles quite easily. Once you know how to find the answer to your problem, the game becomes very simple and entertaining.

Matching Pink Circles

Apart from its nice interface, another reason why Penny & Flo is becoming so popular is its addictive gameplay. The game involves matching pink circles with corresponding red icons. Your goal should be to find the secret rooms where the red dots are paired with the corresponding pink circles. As you advance in the game, you will find that you are given new challenges to complete as well. It really becomes addicting after a while and you will find yourself searching for tips on how to improve your game play as time goes by.

Popular Fashion

When you play Penny & Flo on Facebook, you will also notice that it contains several other types of games including the popular fashion games. You can also try solving the different challenges while playing the fun multi-player competitions. You can choose between the different challenges that can include everything from coloring the walls in the topmost level to playing sports to solve challenging puzzles. In addition to these challenges, you can also go through the different levels that gradually get harder as you move up the mini game pyramid.

Great Feature

Another great feature of this game is its integration with the popular social networking site. You can easily invite your friends to play Penny & Flo and find out what other exciting content they have to offer. If you want to further increase the enjoyment level of your device, you can install & use the Penny & Flo iPhone App to complement the Facebook version. Not only can you take on the challenges that can be found in the social network site, but you can also download new relaxing content for your device.

Identify Various Object

There are many other ways by which Penny & Flo can help you to relax and have a good time. For example, it provides you with an interface that helps you to explore and identify various objects while playing this relaxing game. In addition to that, the Android Market offers a number of Penny & Flo skins that can be used to customize your device. Apart from skins, you can also download additional themes to enhance the gameplay experience.

Different Puzzle Pieces

As you progress through each stage of the game, you will also notice that there are several different puzzle pieces that you will need to use in order to successfully solve the challenges that appear. Therefore, it is not only the graphics that help you to relax but also the actual gameplay experience that makes this game so enjoyable.

Google+ community

You can also find the Penny & Flo Google+ community where you can meet new people who enjoy playing this game. The developers have also implemented Google+ features so that you can comment on the walls or share content with other players while enjoying the Penny & Flo experience. If you like what you see, you can download the free APK version of the game to try it out.


However, if you want to have the best experience, you should always buy the full version of the application to enjoy unlimited access to over 50+ games including Penny & Flo: mansion on the move where you can choose from an endless list of themes, enjoy special daily challenges and earn extra credits to buy new pieces for your virtual doll collection.

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