Pearl’s Peril Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Hints)

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Pearls Peril has earned rave reviews from both critics and players for its unique style and its hidden object style gameplay. The game is quite simple and it’s quite enjoyable too! What’s different about Pearls Peril Mod Apk? The player’s only goal is to find all the lost pearls within a certain time period. Pearls Peril modifies the typically hidden object genre by placing an emphasis on a missing pearl.

Pearls Peril Utilizes

Pearls Peril Apk utilizes a neat technology called the IOS Device, which allows for online access to game controls and functions. It is possible to find this IOS device in a number of places including iTunes, the Apple App Store, the Android Market, and the Kindle Store.

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Using the IOS Device, players can use their fingers to point to a spot on the screen or use the voice recognition function of their phone to interact with the game.

Version of Pearls Peril

For those who have access to a Wi-Fi internet connection, they can play a version of Pearls Peril Mod Apk that features the Facebook integration. Players will need to join the Pearls Peril Facebook Group to be able to authenticate themselves within the game and take part in the game’s many activities.

Pearls Peril utilizes the Facebook application to give players new ways to communicate with other players, exchange information, and chat with other groups in the network.

Pearl Harbor

Pearls Peril Mod Apk allows the player to select a certain island where they would like to explore, but then there’s a problem: where would you go if the only way to reach it is by boat? To solve this problem, players should travel to an island referred to as Pearl Harbor.

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This island is actually an island where a war was once fought and sunk the dreadnought mentioned earlier. By playing Pearls Peril with a friend, both players can work together to complete the mission and get to that island.

Coolest Features

One of the coolest features in Pearls Peril Mod Apk that sets it apart from the other Facebook applications is that it uses the Facebook Connect tab. Players can not only make new friends but also send each other text messages, play games, view images, and even email each other using their ios devices.

In order to do all these tasks, one must go to the “Connect” tab on the main menu, click on “Settings”, and then tap “Fit network”. When the changes have been applied, players can start enjoying their time spent playing Pearls Peril.

Game Settings

One of the neat features in Pearls Peril Mod Apk that I like is its in-built ads. The game features a game settings menu where different advertisements can be selected from. When a player taps on any of the ads, the ad for that particular game will appear either at the bottom or at the top of the screen.

At times, however, these advertisements can annoy players. In cases where there is no internet connection or only a slow internet connection, clicking on these ads can result in two things: one, the ads can become stuck at the center of the screen, and two, the ads may display outside the normal functionality of the game screen.

If a player chooses to block ads, they can simply do so by selecting the appropriate icons in the game settings menu. At the very least, this feature keeps Pearls Peril from displaying ads while you are trying to play the game!

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Game Leader Boards

One of the best features of Pearls Peril Mod Apk that I really enjoy is its in-game leader boards. The game has an infinite energy system that allows players to replenish it at a constant rate. At the end of every level, a Pearls Peril Apk star is rewarded, thus making it easier to keep track of your progress with everyone helping you get to the top.


However, at some points in the game, a hidden Easter egg icon will appear that, when clicked, will reward the player with a lifetime supply of pearls! The only glitch that I have seen so far is that if a player gets to the leader board but gets stopped at a red dot, the game will still give them a Pearls Peril star.

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