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Park Master is an online application developed to aid planning for large public parks such as San Francisco’s Sea World, amusement parks, zoos, and conservatories. This web application was created by the Central Park Master Plan Implementation Team with the assistance of volunteers.

The team has spent many months working on this project, incorporating the ideas of local park users and others that have come from the scientific and business communities. The application allows visitors to plan and create a virtual map of the Park.

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Park Master Plans

Park Master Plans are a generalized plan for the strategic placement of various park features and activities in a certain park area. Park Master Plans help to inform local stakeholders and allow for citizen input into decision-making. Park Master Plans provide for both enhancement and management of existing features and allow for the future expansion of Park Master Plans across the nation.


Park Master Plans allow for more accurate public information and allow better communication and interaction with park users. Park Master Plans include numerous features such as building parking lots, restrooms, concessions, and other facilities. The Park Master Plan also includes additional items such as building new trees and changing the look of the Park.

Follow Instructions

Park Master Plans can be created online using easy-to-follow instructions. There are two options for uploading your Park Master Plan. One is the ” Upload Park Master Plan” which requires the creation of a PDF file. The second option is the “create” option which allows you to upload your Park Master Plan as an Adobe Acrobat file. If you choose to upload your Park Master Plan as an Adobe Acrobat file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document.

Adobe Acrobat File

Once you have chosen to upload your Park Master Plan as an Adobe Acrobat file, you are ready to begin the design process. Before beginning your design process, you must make sure that your Park Master Plan fits your Park in terms of size, shape, and purpose.


You should take into consideration any special needs or desires that you have concerning your Park Master Plan. This includes the type of accommodations that you have planned for your Park, surrounding properties, and any other features that you may want to include in your park plan.


The next step in creating your Park Master Plan is to choose the specific image that you wish to use as the background for your Park Master Plan. You will need to be sure that the image you choose appropriately reflects the characteristics of your Park. You can use a photograph of your Park, or one that accurately depicts the features and layout of your Park.

Dimension And Shape

An important task involved in creating your Park Master Plan design is to determine the scale, dimension, and shape of your Park Master Plan. You should ensure that you select an accurate replica of the Park that you are envisioning and that it appropriately fits within the overall scheme of your Park. If your Park Master Plan incorporates a sidewalk or entrance, then you should make certain that it is large enough to accommodate the number of people who will be visiting your Park on a daily basis.

Color And Lighting

If your Park has limited or no access, you should compensate by including a ramp in your plan. When choosing an image for your Park Master Plan, you should also pay close attention to color and lighting as these are also important factors to consider when planning your Park Master Plan.

Historical Events

You should also be aware of any historical events or activities that occurred in your Park in the past. You should include all of these details in your Park Master Plan, whether they are associated with a specific event or not. For example, if you have an old neighborhood that once was a busy railroad crossing where you will see evidence of train tracks, you should include this information in your Park Master Plan.

Incorporate Train Stations

This is particularly important if you want to incorporate train stations or other features that can help visitors get to their Park from another area. You should also be aware of the existing buildings in your Park Master Plan so that you can incorporate new or improved features where necessary or you can simply rearrange or tear down structures that are already in place.

Preparing a Park

When preparing a Park Master Plan, you should also consider the potential impact that additions, alterations, or repairs may have on the aesthetic appeal of your Park. For example, if you have a historic district, you should consider how you would modify or eliminate features that may negatively affect your historic district.


Your Park Master Plan should also take into account any environmental considerations that you may face. You should ensure that the proposed changes do not negatively impact the environment and the natural biodiversity in your Park. For example, if you are considering installing a parking garage in your Park, you should ensure that you leave space for wildlife to use and explore.

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