Paper Folding 3D Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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Are you one of those who love to play games using Paper Folding 3D? If you are, then you should download this software for your computer to enjoy the fun. Paper Folding 3D is the latest version of the popular kid’s favorite game that involves folding different objects in different ways to form the different objects of your choice. The game allows you to make different complex shapes as well as simple shapes. This software will also allow you to share and export the files of your creations using Windows Sharepoint application.

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Paper Folding 3D

Paper Folding 3D is available in two modes, which are the Story mode and the challenge mode. In the Story mode, you can create your own Paper Folding 3D scenes with the help of a simple but effective user interface.

You can also upload your creations using the built in “Print Screen” function. On the other hand, in challenge mode, you will have to complete puzzle based puzzles and a variety of other challenges to win the game. Uploaded Augmented Reality (AR) Maps and Custom Paperscale Models allow you to enhance the quality of Paper Folding 3D scene.

Paper Folding 3D Experience

If you wish to have an awesome Paper Folding 3D experience, you can use the APK file format for the editing. The software has the ability to read the formatted text data from the original APK file. After you convert the original APK format to the compatible PDF format, you can easily open the converted file and edit the text, graphics, logos and images.

3D Scene Creation

You can also apply various enhancements such as rotate, crop, zoom, or apply 3D animation. You can use both portrait and landscape orientation for the Paper Folding 3D scene creation. The added advantage of using PDF format for the Paper Folding 3D is that you can get a good look on your phone or tablet device.

Paper Folding 3D Mod Apk

As per the latest reports, the Paper Folding 3D mod apk has more than twenty million users. The mod apk enables users to enjoy the unique paper folding and viewing experience of the company. The Paper Folding 3D mod apk provides users with an enhanced and advanced version of the Paper Folding 3D viewer.

Unique Features

The unique features of the Paper Folding 3D mod apk includes; viewing the preview of the scene, image display full screen mode, allowing you to view the whole scene in landscape or portrait modes and allows you to switch between two different views. The mod apk also allows the user to share the folded images on various popular social networking websites. Moreover, the Paper Folding 3D mod apk gives you the option to choose which APK to upload to the Phone.

Voice Directions

Another amazing feature of Paper Folding 3D apk is that it gives you the option to use both voice and visual directions for the presentation. Voice directions are very helpful for people who have problem understanding a difficult speech or a scene in the software.

The Ppresentation

In this case, you can either guide them with audio or by visual directions. On the other hand, the visual directions feature in the software helps you in the process of creating a different style of presentation on your android phone. This feature makes it very easy for you to modify the presentation as per the requirement.

Innovative Ffeatures

The Paper Folding 3D apk mod also contains many innovative features like; it enables you to remove all unwanted files from the phone such as; folder, document, contacts, web history etc. Another remarkable feature of the Paper Folding 3D is that you can easily remove the extra icons that may have been installed in your phone.

Device Clutter

By removing these icons, you will be able to make the device clutter free and the smooth functioning of the device will also be guaranteed. The latest version of Paper Folding 3D comes with the backup option which enables you to store the modified version of the application without any hassle. You can also carry out editing of the contents of the downloaded paper using the appropriate tools provided in the software.

Create a Puzzle

One of the unique features of Paper Folding 3D is its unique feature of allowing you to create a puzzle on your phone. To create a puzzle, you need to first upload september number on the publish tab. Once you click publish, you can see a preview of the newly created puzzle on your phone. You can even modify the size of the puzzle if required to fit the available space on your phone.


The Paper Folding 3D apk mod has many additional features such as; you can easily change the color of the images. You can also add text to the images using the text tool available in the software. It has an easy interface and allows a large filesize. It has an efficient graphic engine and high capacity to manage filesize.

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