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OverRun is an award-winning zombie survival game that puts you in the role of a survivor struggling to survive. OverRun takes you to an alternate post-apocalyptic world where your only survival count comes from a scavenger hunt that’s been hampered by the hostile zombies.

Build up your defenses and arm your survivors with crushing weapons, strengthen your defense for the inevitable zombie attack and engage in combat to move deeper into the post-apocalyptic world. OverRun is the newest release of the Zombie Franchise, which has been enjoyed by millions since its release over five years ago.

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OverRun is a highly realistic zombie simulation game where you can become a survivor amidst a post-industrial world devastated by an outbreak. In order to survive, you will have to scavenge for weapons, build shelters and deal with the Infected as they try to break into the facility and spread their infection to the outside world.

Limited Amount

You have a limited amount of time in which to complete your objectives and obtain items that will help you survive the onslaught. As you progress through each episode of OverRun, more events will occur and you’ll be forced to make difficult choices that will either help you or hinder you in your mission. Your survival time is reduced as each room you enter will slowly fill with infected zombies.

The storyline

The storyline in OverRun takes place in 20th century America where the narrator explains that after several decades of peace and prosperity the country has been invaded by the Zombie Horde. The Zombie menace has already reached every major city and several towns throughout the countryside.

Deadly Chemicals

The government’s response is to quell the outbreak with massive amounts of deadly chemicals, radiation, and lethal traps. The sole means of battling this growing horde of Zombies is to train a special team of survivors who are given new weapons and vehicles to fight off the zombies.

These survivors must utilize these weapons and vehicles against the Zombie horde as they advance on every town in search of food and water sources as well as safe shelter from the relentless attack of the Zombie horde.

Survival Evolved

OverRun utilizes an exceptionally well-designed OverRun: Survival Evolved Android game engine. Although the actual gameplay may seem simplistic, the graphics are very detailed and lifelike. The graphics in OverRun: Survival Evolved are very crisp and realistic.

Character models are very accurate and the action happens very quickly. The maps are created using the most advanced image processing techniques to offer a lifelike viewing experience.

Survival Games

If you would like to try out OverRun: Survival Evolved for free, you can download the mod from the Google play store. It is recommended to download OverRun: Survival Evolved for free if you are looking to try out the mod. This is one of the many quality zombie horde survival games available for free on the Android Market. The game is a bit different than other similar apps.

Evolved Features

OverRun: Survival Evolved features all-new zombies and its own unique storyline, though all of these combine to offer a unique gaming experience. One feature that really makes OverRun: Survival Evolved stand out is the use of time gates.

Time gates are used to make it harder for the zombies to reach their survivors. As a survivor, your job is to prevent the zombies from reaching you. Time gates can either be manually placed to block off the zombies or automatically when they fall behind a set number of pixels, blocking off the zombies.

New Zombies

OverRun: Survival Evolved features a unique storyline as well as a high-quality zombie physics engine. The zombie physics engine is very realistic and offers some pretty realistic shots of the undead. As one might expect, this game can be quite addictive due to the tension and urgency of surviving the zombies.

You can save the game at any time by pressing “Save” on your keyboard. OverRun: Survival Evolved also includes a free shopping mode where you can purchase upgrades for your survival and earn credits towards earning stars for your character.


OverRun: Survival Evolved is a fun zombie game with unique objectives, exciting zombies, great music, and great graphics. This game can be played entirely through your device and is not supported on tablets.

If you want to play this mod for free, all you have to do is download the mod apk onto your computer, load the game up, and start playing! You can access the full version of OverRun: Survival Evolved for free through the Google Play application.

If you would like to learn more about this fascinating game and where you can find other great mods for your android device, visit my blog today!

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