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Over Kill 3 has been a staple in the Facebook gaming world for quite some time, and is still the most popular mod for this social networking giant. What makes Over Kill 3 so addictive is the fact that it adds in many different aspects to the game, while at the same time making each one incredibly simple to understand.

However, despite how easy the game is, some new players have been put off by the need to learn so many different things in order to successfully play this game. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know in order to Over Kill 3 with ease!

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Over Kill 3

One of the first things that Over Kill 3 requires is a Java plugin. This ensures that everything runs smoothly, and provides the game with a great looking interface. The second thing that is required is a Facebook Connect add-on. Without this, the game will not function properly. This is the last part of Over Kill 3, and the most important for those wanting to enjoy the game. Without it, there are various other features which can be used to gain access to items and earn money.


Over Kill allows each player to choose from two classes: the Soldier and the Spy. Each of these classes is designed specifically for their ability to deal damage. The Soldier is able to get into buildings and can inflict a lot of damage quickly. The Spy is able to hide in the shadows and do lots of silent kills, surprising the enemy.


It is important to know that Over Kill 3 has a leader. Known as the Overlord, this person is the ultimate creator of the Over Kill world. However, this does not mean that the game is actually fair. There is always a winner and a loser in Over Kill 3. This is because there are different ways to play the game, and every class has special tactics that they can use to take out their opponent. The loser will usually end up becoming the Overlord.

Shoot enemies

Overkill comes in a package of three included sides, each with their own weapons, and special tips. You can get the first two sides free, but if you want the complete version you will have to buy it! The first side is focused on using only one weapon. You will have to shoot enemies while staying at a safe distance and using cover.

Overkill character

The second side has a special concept. If you get spotted by an Overkill character, they won’t shoot you unless you want them to! They will only stop if they see you or your team mates are near. You can move freely without any worries, since you will have plenty of time to heal yourself. Just stay alive long enough to make it to the next area.


The last side will challenge your patience more than anything else! Over Kill characters will continually spawn if you leave them alone. Your only defense is to stay at one area and shoot them constantly. Overkill is a game where you need to be fast, efficient and accurate if you want to score well!


Overkill 3 does have some drawbacks. For instance, there aren’t many characters you can customize and some of the weapons are a bit on the boring side. However, the positives far outweigh the negatives when you think about the excitement and skills required to win. This game is fun for everyone, even the oldest gamer at heart!


Overkill is available for both iPhone and iPad. It has a simple, easy to learn gameplay and doesn’t have any complicated options or extra content. If you like games that let you just focus on playing instead of going through many levels and trying to complete tasks, then Overkill is a great game for you. However, if you like more action with more challenges, you’ll probably want to try other games.


Overkill costs nothing to download, so you can play for free. Even if you don’t feel like downloading a game, you might want to give Overkill a try. If you haven’t played this type of game before, I recommend it highly. Overkill is one of the easiest shooting games out there.


In Overkill 3, the players take turns shooting each other with semiautomatic weapons. The objective is simple: get as many points as possible before the timer runs out. Try to shoot your opponent while remaining undetected! The game is not overly challenging, but does require some strategic thinking and quick reflexes. However, you will likely find this fun and exciting!

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