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Once Upon A Blast is a fun and exciting puzzle, which is based on your request for a new challenge. Its new version with the new mods installed to download and enjoy it now! The, which was just downloaded 10k+ downloads so far, is also one of the best Puzzle games. It is also a social networking flash game, which will challenge you with friends to complete every level. If you like puzzles and enjoy playing online flash games then this game is for you.

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Once Upon A Blast Apk

Once Upon A Blast is very similar with other apps in the market; however, it adds an additional challenge with the unlimited features. The key behind its popularity lies on its fun and excitement, and that it’s free to play on Google Play and the Android Market. Once Upon A Blast apk includes an easy interface with a lot of different game options. This allows players to find and select their favorite modes as per their preference.

Unlimited Free Coins

The first mod is ” Unlimited Free Coins”, which gives players unlimited money when they lose the first puzzle. The next mod is “limited Time Online Quests” which allows players to do unlimited quests and explore each area in the map.

Next is the “unlimited Powerups”, which gives players one last chance to use an existing powerup before they expire. There are many more available, but these are some of the most useful ones. Some of these features are:

Unlimited Money Mod

The unlimited money mod is by far the most exciting part of the Once Upon A Blast apk. Players can buy the required amount of money to be able to continue playing the puzzle game. In this way they don’t have to wait to replenish their cash supply, or continue searching for more of it. Unlimited money helps the player feel like they’re really in need of the powerup, that it’s definitely worth the purchase.

25 Different Heroes

The third mod is the ability to select from over 25 different heroes, each with their own special abilities and weapons. These include unlockable heroes like the Night Elf who possesses powerful abilities while the Dwarf has the ability to turn into a destructive force of destruction.

Powerful Shields

The Paladin is well known for his powerful shields and sword, while the Witch Doctor unleashes a stream of horrid spells and the warrior deals out heavy damage using his mace. These heroes can be purchased from the Google Play Store for an price equivalent to around forty dollars.

Blast is Packed

Once Upon A Blast is packed full of exciting apps. Users will enjoy the fun of having complete control over their gaming experience through the interactive touch screen menu and control methods. Once Upon A Blast offers a very simple and easy interface that any user new to playing these type of games should easily get accustomed to.

Best Features

One of the best features of the Once Upon A Blast is the quick update system. Any new game can be added to the app with no charge to the user. Players also have the option to play against players from all around the world, if that is their desire.

Play Against Bots,

They can even play against bots, if that is their preference. As previously mentioned, Once Upon A Blast is an all-encompassing, action-packed puzzle game. It truly provides hours of entertainment, as well as keeping one busy with something that really matters.


There is no doubt that Afterwardawakening will become an instant hit among any fan of puzzles and games. This exciting flash game will provide players with hours of excitement and enjoyment as they help themselves build the perfect team. Once Upon A Blast apk for android comes with unlimited money, so there really is no risk involved with this deal. The unlimited money will come in handy, so do sign up now!

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