Omega Legends Mod APK (MOD Features UNLIMITED AMMO)

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Omega Legends has been created by Omega Games and published by Omega Entertainment Europe Limited. The Omega Box is a downloadable application based on the popular arcade game of the same name.

This Android game is not only great fun to play, but Omega Legends gives you a very easy and quick learning curve which is essential if you are planning on competing with gamers that have years of gaming experience under their belts. The in-game guides and walkthrough guides will help you get started right away, giving you a clear path to follow as you perfect your skills.

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Omega Legends features

Omega Legends features a unique, high-fidelity action-adventure game that recreates the feeling of having your own superhero in a self-contained world. You will become the Omega Corporation’s leader and be able to experience the never-before-seen alternate universe of Omega.

Captain Hook

You will be able to fight against villains such as the Mad Mage, The Outsider, Captain Hook and many more. You will be able to hone your fighting skills by choosing your favorite hero and mastering their special abilities. These special abilities include the ability to dash, jump and shoot, to name a few.

Versus battles

Omega Legends contains several game modes that allow you to choose the type of game you want to play – versus battles, survival, co-op and versus battles where you can select your character, level up and equip them with weapons and armor. You can also try out the versus battles where you can select your own characters, try to win against other players and enjoy the thrill of a fantastic action-packed game.

Social tournament

You can also participate in a social tournament and be among the top gamers in the world when you reach a certain level. Omega boxes contain special content that allows players to connect with other players through the Omega Message Board. There are also powerful items such as the Omega cannon that can damage the enemy. These cannons are only available in Omega Legends.

Story campaign

Omega Legends has a story campaign that takes place between the events of the original Omega Wars and the events in Omegaropolis. It introduces a number of exciting battle arenas where you can engage in an all-out battle on land, on the sea and even in space.

You can trigger special attacks and use various items and weapons to destroy your opponents. The game allows you to continue your fight against the evil forces as you earn points while you win fights and level up your character.

Various heroes

Omega Legends has two unique modes – versus and co-op versus. The player can choose between various heroes which they can develop and strengthen as they proceed through the game. The heroes have various abilities such as the dodge move that can evade enemy attacks and can increase the chance of hitting the opponent. They also have special skills and abilities that can make the whole game more interesting and exciting.

Different battle grounds

In Versus mode you can pit your wits against other players who have chosen the same hero and start the battle in the Omega stage. You can switch back and forth between the two different battle grounds by clicking on the map screen.

Buy upgrades

You can also buy upgrades for your Omega Legends deck which give you additional weapons, items and abilities during the match. These deck ups are available for purchase with real money or can be earned through playing certain quests and winning matches.

Destroying every base

Omega Legends also comes with an all new battle royale mode. This is a brand new way of playing the game that pits two teams of players against each other. The objective is to eliminate all the opponents. The winning team is the one who scores the most kills.

Versus modes

The objective also includes other objectives including destroying every base on the map and preventing the other team from capturing any of your capsules. This mode is available in versus and co-op versus modes and is available with four different heroes.

Omega Legends features

Omega Legends features two unique game modes that enable you to pick up your controllers and compete against others that have purchased the game or play it for some fun. Whether you want to hone your skills or try out the battle royale games you will find them both incredibly engaging.


There is plenty of leveling up and new weapons to help you on your journey to becoming the best. This is the perfect game for those people who are looking for a new online fighting game with active skills. You will have tons of fun and get a good workout while playing this game.

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