Download Nu Carnival iOS 2022 APK [September-2022] Latest v1.0.2 for Android

Nu Carnival iOS 2022 APK

Many thousands of years ago, on a tiny continent evil spirits caused havoc across the continent. To put an end to this chaos Hugh, the Grand Wizard, also known as Hugh was able to construct five altars throughout the country with each one containing a massive gemstone that would enable Hugh to manage and protect the unbalanced elements.

In the years that followed, Hugh and members of his family traveled across the altars in order to take care of the precious stones and seagulls.

Two decades ago, Hugh suddenly disappeared. As nobody was there left to manage the altars the harmony of their worship began to fall apart. There were monsters all over. Primitive spirits have been misled by natural disasters as well as the spread of the horrible Dead Zone Plague Klein.

A few days later Huna’s friends, who were created some time ago, phone the name of a mysterious man using a secret method. Her mentor’s lineage has made her instantly recognizable and, perhaps … Maybe it’s the heroes they’ve been waiting for.

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About Nu Carnival iOS

A long time ago, the tyrannical spirit wreaked chaos across a small continent. “The Grand Wizard,” who is known as Hugh decides to stop the chaos by constructing five altars across the nation Each one of them is covered with a massive stone, which allows him to manage these unstable elements.

Hugh and his family began a journey every 12 years to preserve the seagulls and the gemstones on the altars of five.

Hugh disappeared from the world 20 years in the past. There was no one left to manage the altars then they began to unravel the harmony that they had created. The result was that the creatures started appearing everywhere. The Elements are back in chaos, Klein is once again suffering from natural disasters, and the dreadful Dead Zone has spread across the nation.

On the following day, Huey’s associates utilize an obscure technology to call a man from a different world. In the blink of an eye, they recognized him as the descendant of their master – and maybe it was the hero they’d been seeking since the beginning of time.

Nu Carnival iOS Features

The Scene Feast They come alive in a breathtaking full-length animation

Every character is animated in breathtaking full motion. The main tablet players select their preferred character, and then change their outfit and appearance. Live, energetic interactions enable players to increase their relationships with their friends and also create birthday presents! Soon, your friends will be with you!

Technology Turns 2 steps of letting off your dress and your body to get the blood flowing

Nu Carnival’s combat system is custom five-character teams that players can join into match-ups and make use of unique capabilities. When each of your fellow players is killed more frequently in battle, their attire will slowly become more apparent. I’m looking at seeing glowing, smoother skin and more muscular muscles in the near future!

Earrings Be fascinated by this artist through our stunning Japanese voice

Carnival is a feast not just for the eyes, but as well for the ears. Our team of Japanese voice actors brings all the characters in Carnival to life. Set these headphones on and let yourself be absorbed in the sounds of pure pleasure. The BL experience isn’t just waiting to be experienced no matter if it’s a pleasant chat or an erotic sigh.

Exciting and exciting: Enhance intimacy and reveal the most exciting stories of the moment.

When you fulfill specific requirements, you’ll enhance your connection to your friends and unlock amazing stories from the side! The players can select from a range of H-scenes available to every person. Every sweaty, thrilling move is made vivid by the vibrant motion of the spine, whether you’re standing or down. With all the action, you’ll quickly feel like you are in the center of it all!

Tape: Desire your ability to alter your own actions at your fingertips

Enhance your connection with your partner by sexual attraction while watching their clothing slowly disappear. See their faces flush as they moan and gasp … Your fingers must still be used to get into the realm of pure love!

How do I download and install Nu Carnival on iOS?

This exclusive feature ensures that its users are protected at all times. If you are unable to locate this application in Google Play Store, or in Google Play Store, you can download it on this site. Follow the instructions below to install the application on Android devices prior to implementing the process.

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in Settings. Then, go to Security and then enable security. Security option.
  2. Navigate to the download manager on your Android device and then click Nu Carnival iOS. It’s now time to download.
  3. Two options are displayed on the screen of your mobile. There are two methods for installing an operating system, and all you need to do is to boot quickly onto the Android device.
  4. The popup will appear with options on the smartphone’s screen. It will take some time for it to be displayed.
  5. Once all downloads and installations are completed, simply select”Open” to open the “Open” option and open the smartphone.

What are the advantages and ramifications of downloading this Apk File in its entirety?


  • It is possible to download the latest version of this app directly from the site of a third party. The app has archives of all versions and downloads them in accordance with your needs.
  • Contrary to the Play Store downloads are instant and you don’t have to sit around for the review process and so on.
  • After download, there’s an APK file in the memory card or system memory. You can then uninstall and install them again without downloading.


  • Apps downloaded from third-party sources aren’t always checked by Google. Therefore, it could pose a risk to your smartphone.
  • APK files could contain viruses that can steal data from your phone, or cause damage to the phone.
  • The apps you install won’t update automatically as they don’t typically get access to Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the best way for to ensure 100 100% security for users of the Nu Carnival iOS?

A: If someone wishes to download an APK file from then we will search for the appropriate APK download available on Google Play and allow users to download the file directly (of course, they’re stored on our servers). A: The APK files will also be located in our cache, even if it’s not listed in Google Play.

Q What if installing the APK on lets you update it from on Play Store?

A: Of course. It is true that the Play Store installs from Google’s servers except for the downloading of and installation of your services, and page loading from sites such as is identical.

When you download the latest version the update will be available immediately.

Q: What is the reason the Android App Permission is needed for downloading Nu Carnival iOS?

A: The application must be able to access the systems of certain devices. When an application is installed the user will receive a notification of the permissions required by it.


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