Not Exactly A Hero Visual Novel Adventure Game Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Not Exactly A Hero is an extremely fun mod for the DayZ mod platform by Bohemia Interactive. Not Exactly A Hero apk is yet another mod for DayZ that is aimed to challenge the player’s imagination in terms of overcoming challenges and experiencing unbelievable adventures.

Not Exactly A Hero Apk

Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk has received mixed reviews from players, but the mod itself has been praised for its creative content and interesting mechanics. Here are some of the highlights of Not Exactly A Hero, which we will be discussing in more detail below.

Not quite a hero, the main character of Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk , is an extraordinary survivor of a viral infection that has killed his family. Not only this, but he has also contracted a rare condition that leaves him with almost no memory of the specific events that have led to his current predicament.

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Not Exactly A Hero mod features an unlimited tickets adventure mode, where players get to experience the story in the open with no limitations.

Packed Gameplay

Unlike other, Not Exactly A Hero mods, Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk has the potential to become very interactive. This is thanks to its action-packed gameplay and the unique story elements it features.

Not only does the game allow you to explore the environment through various perspectives, but it also puts you in the middle of actual events, allowing you to take part in actions and build up your characters in the process.

Young Boy

The story of Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk revolves around a young boy who lives in a small town called Winterville. It seems that something bad happened to his family just before he was born, and as a result, he was left with no memories of his childhood. He was left alone, but an incredible young girl named Amy began talking to him and teaching him about life.

Shortly thereafter, he also discovered that not all people are born with abilities like his family had. Thus, he set out on a quest to find out just what happened to his family, which led him on a journey across the country to Washington D.C. While there, he encountered many challenges along the way, and through the help of some powerful friends, he finally finds the strength to finally become Not Exactly A Hero.

Standard Formula

Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk follows the standard formula for adventure games. Your task is to go through various levels and complete tasks to progress to the next level. Once you’ve collected enough hearts, you’re given the choice to either continue your adventure or retry a stage.

Although each level is randomly generated, the difficulty increases significantly as you move forward in Not Exactly A Hero, especially as your main character ages.

As you complete each area in the game and perform tasks to upgrade your powers, you’ll be offered a choice to change from boy to superhero (by completing an additional action sequence), or risk facing an untimely death (press the X button when Not Exactly A Hero comes into contact with a killer).

Novel-Style Puzzles

Not Exactly A Hero contains very few visual novel-style puzzles as most actions require you to make use of keyboard and mouse input. The story is told mostly through exposition and descriptions of the environment, although some narrative bits also come from your main character’s past and current state of mind.

Not Exactly A Hero owes much of its success to its excellent use of narrative, coupled with well-established gameplay mechanics. Not exactly a hero, your main character isn’t really that tough to beat, unless you try to use supernatural powers against him.

Unfortunately, the difficulty spikes during mid-game, forcing players to use more traditional means of beating opponents such as puzzle-solving and fighting.

Excellent Voice

Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk features excellent voice acting and a well-written storyline, but unfortunately not much else. The lack of strong characters, the shoddy artwork, and generic music isn’t enough to make Not Exactly A Hero worth playing, but it does have their high points.

The adventure game doesn’t use enough imagination to create memorable scenes or characters, which is disappointing considering the subject matter. Overall, this is more of an experience than a game, but it’s certainly entertaining if you get through the story in one sitting.

Usual Formula

Not Exactly A Hero follows the usual formula for adventure games: explore a small town, earn some money, then use your wealth to acquire more powerful tools and abilities. Unlike other stories where your main power and skill are defined by your starting attributes, Not Exactly A Hero lets you define your superpowers through the actions of each scene.


Basically, your superpowers are defined by how you play the game. There are many different events in Not Exactly A Hero, and while the story is primarily set in the modern era, it’s possible to follow the plot of many old fantasy tales using the same game system. If you like your adventure games to have many different endings, you’ll probably find Not Exactly A Hero Mod Apk to be a disappointment.


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