Nobodies Murder Cleaner Apk (Mod Features All Unlocked)

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Nobodies Murder Cleaner

The objective of the game is to use the passenger room of a plane to board it and sneak out with the money. Unfortunately for you, it’s not impossible! The developers of the game included a short mission that takes you through most of the events that take place in the passenger room.

You can either board the plane yourself or let the other passengers use the cabanas and pay for their own cabins. It’s up to you!

Mission Walks

A mission walks through most of the events of the game, showing you what to do in each situation. If you fail the mission then a cut-in will appear on the screen. It won’t cause any damage, but you have to wait for it to finish before you can proceed. If you succeed, a cut-in will appear on the screen again, but this time there will be a different criminal who needs to be killed.

This criminal can be a Saturn, an angry mob, an executioner, a bounty hunter, or a mind-controlled maniac. Try all of them as they show up in the following mission.

Dead Guy

In the first part of the mission, the objective is to find the body of the dead guy and then bring it to the crime Scientologist. Once the body is found, you get to choose how you’re going to get into the building. Go through all the doors but don’t go back to the loading dock. Go back to the previous mission and go back to the loading dock.

Criminal Involved

This part is rather difficult because if you find out that there’s another criminal involved, the mission will fail. You can either stay there and fight the new criminal, or you can use the cabanas.

Cabanas are like mini-motorcycles where you can hide and move around undetected, but the only disadvantage is that you can’t shoot. The downside is that when you get inside, one of the enemies could shoot you from behind. There are also some more objectives in this part of the game so try to complete all of them.

Go Forward

Go forward and enter the elevator that takes you up to the twentieth floor. The elevator won’t open when there’s an enemy there so use the machine to lock-block the entrance. Leave the machine on and move forward to the next objective which is to activate the security camera.

Override Key

Use the override key on the panel to commandeer the override switch on the machine and use it to enter the facility. When you’re about to trigger the alarm, a guard will shoot at you but you can simply go left or right to avoid getting hit. When the alarm goes off, go left and enter the adjacent elevators.

Nobodies Murder Cleaner is level 5 and you can easily kill two or three guards with a machine before being ambushed by a tougher group of enemy soldiers.


For more information, read the Walkthroughs for this mission. Now, go through the hallway until you reach a set of doors that leads to the Maintenance Room. Inside the room, search for the schematics to the bathroom in front of the door that leads to Nobodies Murder Cleaner.


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