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Noblemen: 1896 is a unique puzzle and adventure game developed by Microids. In this one-of-a-kind game, you have to take control of one of the most unlikely characters in history – a Nobleman. Help the Noblemen accomplish their noble acts of goodness and avoid the perils that each of them will embark upon as they strive to help their people and land. Improve your skills with new techniques by unlocking more levels and unlocking new costumes as you work your way through the game.

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Noblemen 1896

This all-time classic action game is finally coming to mobile devices! Get Noblemen: 1896 FREE now from the Google Play Store. A new game on the way, Noblemen: 1896 combines elements of mystery and adventure as you uncover the secrets behind each of the noblemen’s quests while battling enemies and unlocking new items along the way.

Replay factor

As you play, new quests are available for you to complete and these are part of the game’s replay factor. However, be wary of the nasty little creatures that will serve as your enemies once you’re done with your current quests. In addition to this, keep an eye out for traps and other items that might be hindering your progress.

Battle, patience

In this action-packed role-playing game, you’ll have to master the art of negotiation, strategy, battle, patience, and, of course, luck. Each of the Noblemen in the game has special traits that mean that they can’t be harmed easily, making them the perfect allies for your cause. As you level up and move to different Noblemen classes, your armies grow in numbers, enabling you to wage open warfare against enemy armies and conquer territories.


When you’ve finally reached a rank called Counselor, you can send your troops into battle, creating an impact that lasts long after the battle has ended. Using a variety of new battle strategies, you can even create a more personalized battlefield environment by choosing various battle card designs.

Portrait designs

These include portrait designs for you and your loved ones, and you can even change the scenery and backgrounds during battle! If you’re into customization, Noblemen: 1896 allows you to mix and match decorative effects from a variety of Noblemen families. You can even choose to play the game using a mixture of one or two Noblemen families.

Noblemen families

Although most Noblemen families are fighting for the same reasons, you can see subtle differences between them when you zoom through the screen. For example, King David is more focused on building his military than on protecting his people.

Captain Jean Baptiste

His forces are small but are well-equipped thanks to the efforts of his trusted counselor, Captain Jean Baptiste. This tactician, however, is not nearly powerful enough to combat larger, better-equipped opposing armies, so he relies on a massive volunteer army that consists of aristocrats, priests, merchants, and professionals to do his fighting while he concentrates on building up his own fortress and protecting his people from outside attacks.

Starting conditions

Noblemen: 1896 modifies the game by adding new battles, making it more engaging and exciting. Your Noblemen may have different starting conditions, which determine what kind of setup you will have. You can either start with a small force and few troops or with a much larger force but fewer troops.

Bigger armies

The latter, named the defensive setup, lets you have a higher chance of defending your position against bigger armies. If you want a faster start, Noblemen: 1896 allows you to choose specific time periods during which you can hire new Noblemen units. And since most of your Noblemen units are recruited from the Barracks, you can also use these recruitments to bolster your economy.

Noblemen forces

Aside from expanding your Noblemen forces, Noblemen: 1896 modifies the game by adding a new action game called skirmish. With skirmish, you can put up a struggle against other Noblemen and take control of their territories by hiring new Noblemen units. There are also new achievements and challenge levels to work on. If you want to get the most out of this action game, try putting up a good defense against enemy attacks as you do so.


With skirmish, you can also get access to a new type of challenge. Noblemen: 1896 modifies skirmish by giving you a multiplayer battle against the computer-controlled opponent. Since the computer player does not have any Noblemen units, you can put up a better defense against him.

Plus, you can use your units effectively in battle, earning you more points. To earn more credits, try downloading Noblemen: 1896 mod apk and see for yourself how well it will work for you.

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