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Ninja Turtles are the most natural characters for gamers for a long period of time. They are the turtle-shaped teens who fight to be excellent. As they move on to their next endeavors they will continue to fight Kraang Prim in Ninja Turtles Legends. The reason for this battle is the story of Kraang’s next mission to transform his Earth to Dimension X. Therefore, download the Ninja turtles legends mod apk and experience a thrilling adventure.

About Ninja Turtles Legends

Each step they’ve been a threat so you can tell that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have damaged Kraang Prime’s plans to transform into Earth in Dimension X. What’s a villainous Overlord supposed to do? Come up with a new evil strategy to create a variety Of Ultra Mutants! Kraang Kraang has captured a variety of freaks – like the Ninja Turtles to study their genetic material all over the country!

Alongside his siblings in a Kraang Dimension X entrance, Leonardo should solicit the Ninja Turtles as allies and foes before it’s reached that point where there’s no going back.

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Characteristics in Ninja Turtles Legends

Unique Ninjas Experience the Turtles universe with an all-new, original story. Take on the challenge of 7 chapters and more than 70 stages to fight the vilest of supervisors: Shredder, Kraang, and that’s just the beginning of the Iceberg!

Regard the Shell For a limited time you can play and enjoy an entirely new part that’s based on this summer’s blockbuster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows! When their mission for recon is not successful and the Turtles must confront The Foot Clan and most loved males, Bebop and Rocksteady! The fight to win will collect these unique characters!

turtle power: Let Leonardo take his place in the Kraang armored force to save his brothers and other freaks. Join Leonardo in a 5 on 5 battle with your favorite TMNT characters.

Freak Mayhem Gather and upgrade to more than 30 characters from the TMNT! Learn to master them through their fun moves, and then build your own amazing Turtle-themed group! Make sure to bring your cooler with Ice Cream, Kitty!

Shred Alert First time ever, you can fight the Kraang as the Ninja Turtle companion… or FOE! Get together for a game of Tiger Claw, Rocksteady, Bebop, and the limit is only limited from there. Create vital groups and get to the Kraang!

Food Fight You can collect day-to-day rewards and packs of cards to improve your group!

Then We Run in the Town: Fight against the Kraang in the Ninja Turtles’ number one locations from the show, which includes Dimension X, the sewers, and the stunning New York City roofs!


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