Ninja Tobu Apk (MOD Features premium access)

In traditional Japanese, Ninja is the individual who will undergo many difficult trainings in order to be able to stealthily move and fight against other enemy. Therefore, they will get through lots of rigorous training in order to be perfect in their skills. However, if you wish to be the ultimate silent Ninja without undergoing the grueling trainings, Ninja Tobu can assist you in doing it easily. In here, you will definitely have an easy time to execute your Stealth techniques.

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Ninja Tobu

When using Ninja Tobu, you should consider some factors that can make you invisible to your enemies. It will be better for you if you are wearing black uniform with white face. Moreover, white colored clothes will make you look like an ordinary person. Your movement speed will be enhanced if you will wear white boots and long pants. It will be better for you if you can hide yourself from your opponents with these things.

Important Things

However, you need to consider some important things before using Ninja Tobu. If you are an Android, you should use the same strategy as an Android. You will not be able to fight your enemies with your bare hands so you need to use the Android devices’ strengths against your enemies. If you successfully fight your enemies with the Android device, you will gain knowledge about different types of Android and discover the secret behind their being powerful spy.

Poisonous Liquid

If you are already an Android, you should also be able to fight with your bare hands. However, if you are still learning about Android or are still unfamiliar about the code, you can let go of your enemy by using Ninja Tobu. By letting go of him, you can destroy his spikes that contain poisonous liquid. You can also injure your enemies and release their spikes by using the Ninja Tizen.

Attack Your Enemies

The first step in using Ninja Tobu is to attack your enemies without moving one finger. When you are in front of your enemies, press and hold down the C button. This will make your character jump one finger in mid air. Your other two fingers can be used to tap the screen to jump. Press and hold the L and R buttons simultaneously to let go of your current enemy.

When you are at the middle of a group of opponents, use the C button to jump again. Then, press and hold the L and the R buttons to release a flying knee towards your enemies. You should do this at least five times to increase the power of your ninja tobu.

Powerful Uppercut

Another good technique that you can practice with your ninja tobu is to run up and then hit your enemies with it from a distance. When you are close to your enemies, press and hold the jump button. Release a powerful uppercut on the ground before jumping up again. Do this as many times as you can.

Powerful Move

If you want a powerful move that is perfect for boss battles, then you can try jumping on the moving spikes that appear from the ground. To start with, keep your distance and pummel your enemies. When you are able to get close enough, attack them with a leaping tobu. The attack will be very powerful and it will knock back your enemies.

Ninja Catapult

You can also use the ninja catapult to send your enemies flying through the air when you are using the Tobu. When you are able to reach high places, there are many more enemies who can be launched through the air. If you want to learn how to play the game the right way, you should start off using the catapult to send your enemies flying through the air. As you advance in the game, you can use the tobu to jump higher and farther, enabling you to fight more difficult bosses.

Daily Challenges

These are just a few of the new experiences that you can take with you as you play the Ninja Tobu. This game enables you to perform new moves and takes you into brand new experiences that will keep you coming back to the game. By having a good grasp of the controls, you can increase your chances of winning the daily challenges. It also makes playing more fun and challenging.


If you love action games that incorporate the ninja culture, then this is the game for you. There are many different ways that you can play this awesome game on your mobile device. You can enjoy it while you are on the go. When you are done playing, you can simply log off and enjoy your free time. This type of gaming on your android smartphone is something that you can look forward to having.


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