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Neon On is one of the leading manufacturers of Neon signs. Neon On apk is their newest addition to their range of products that are great for business promotion. Neon On apk utilizes some of the latest technologies and digital designs.

Neon On apk can be used as signage or Neon On Light kit to create great-looking displays. The technology utilized by Neon On ensures that the users get the best and most vibrant results.

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Neon On APK

Neon On apk has been designed to include the latest technology like Glass Tube Technology, Light Emitting Diode technology, Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology, and High-intensity Discharge technology. All these features ensure a bright, sharp, and easy-to-read display.

The advanced technology and digital signs integrated into this product ensure better clarity with increased color resolution and improved contrast. The color processing engine enables you to easily change the colors of your Neon On display.

Neon On signs

Neon On signs is very easy to install and use. The installation process is a great way to update the look of your business location and make it look more attractive. The signage and Neon On lighting can be customized according to your requirements. Neon On signage and Neon On light kit comes with a user manual that guides you step by step to operate and maintain the product.

Utilizes Latest Glass

Neon On apk utilizes the latest Glass Tube Technology. This technology enables the manufacturers to provide vibrant and clear colors for better display. They have the option to use three or more colored glass tubes. Glass tubes are made of high-quality materials like SS glass.

Low-Pressure Gas

Neon On’s use of three colors gives you a vivid and lively look. The low-pressure gas used enables you to get the most vivid colors and maximum brightness. Low-pressure gas is found to be harmless and effective for all applications. It is easy to control and maintain the color temperature of the neon tube lights.

This makes it a versatile and useful product. The high-intensity output gives it a bright output and it can be customized to suit the various client requirements.

Neon Tubes

Neon On’s flexibility allows you to customize the size of neon tubes, which in turn enables you to increase or decrease the color depth of the display. The color depth of the neon sign and LEDs are individually controlled to give you brighter and greater visibility.

These neon signs can be easily added to the existing signboards or can be fixed onto the new signboards. You can also replace existing signage with these signs and get a brand new look for your business location.

Voltage Signal Source

Using neon signs can be a cost-saving exercise as it uses a low voltage signal source. Neon On signs is designed with clarity with and excellent resolution. The best thing about the neon sign is that it has a long life span, you need not change the glass tubes and its bulbs on a regular basis.

A combination of high-quality materials like P Neon, High Index Glass, and Low Voltaic Touch (HVTF) glass tubes enables the neon signage to have a long life span, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Environment Friendly

Neon On signs are environment friendly and are suitable for outdoor use as well. They can be easily installed over terrains and on structures like walls, buildings, etc. Neon On signs is capable of switching on to full lighting automatically with the push of a single button. They use a standard 5V DC motor to power up and switch on the colors.

The HVTF material

The HVTF material used in the manufacturing of neon lights consists of noble gases with colors. The noble gases pass through transparent glass tubes filled with the gas inside them. This is how we get clear, color-focused light to illuminate our business locations.

HVTF technology uses three different technologies namely, vacuum tube technology, ionic light emission technology, and phase conversion gas sensors.

Business Signage

Neon On signs are relatively new in the market but already people are using them in their everyday business signage. Neon On signs has replaced the traditional black and white text on plastic tube signs. Neon On signs has a large LED display which is comprised of millions of tiny LEDs.

This is how we get bright, colorful LED lights that can be seen from afar. These LEDs also come in a wide array of colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink. We can also get full-spectrum colored LEDs which are helpful in our advertising needs.


Neon On signs is already being widely used by numerous businesses both big and small in every industry. Neon signs are also commonly seen in commercial malls, airports, theatres, sports facilities, theme parks, educational institutions, grocery stores, and even banks.

Neon On signs has proven to be an effective, convenient, and very economical means of displaying advertising messages to the general public. Neon signs are here to stay for the long term.

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