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If you want to know how to uninstall Neighbours From Hell, then read this. First, you have to uninstall Neighbours From Hell 1. After that, download Neighbours From Hell 1 Premium edition to your computer. Then, extract the contents of the downloaded file. Now, let us install the program to our computer.

After the installation process, you will see an icon in the system tray or a tool bar at the bottom of your desktop or task bar. Click on this icon. Now, you have to click “Add Neighbours” and click on “OK”. Now, you have to select the websites that you want to monitor. The “Add Neighbours” option will open a new window.

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Neighbours from Hell Apk

Here, you will have to choose from different selection of anti-malware application. When selecting an application, there are two options; you can either use the built-in one or you can use Neighbours From Hell 2. The built-in one monitors your key features and shortens the scan time.

On the other hand, the hell 2 package has a module that allows the user to add-on-friendly modules. These modules are compatible with the latest Neighbours From Hell 2 anti-malware.

Downloaded File

For both applications, you should open the downloaded file. There are two windows in Neighbours From Hell. The first window displays all the selected items in the list. The second window displays the log list (the text that appears after the scan). If you want to scan for the latest creepers and worms, go to the “scan” option. The two components of Neighbours From Hell help you to detect whether your computer is infected with the hell virus or not.

Latest Module

The latest module of Neighbours From Hell, allows the user to add-on friendly modules that will be perfect for your Anti-Malware application. The module has been designed to scan every installed application. The module is compatible with latest anti-spyware applications and detects the key features of Hell, including the Trojan and the Antivirus components.

Antivirus Component

This module detects the files associated with the Trojans and the Antivirus component, which are crucial for the complete success of the infection. On the other hand, if you want to know which application is infecting your computer, go to the list of the infected files.

Wi-Fi Mod

The Neighbours From Hell Wi-Fi Mod enables you to connect with friends even while you are offline. All you need is a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection and the software installed on it. The most advanced feature of the module is the integration of the WPA security to the Neighbours From Hell Wi-Fi dictionary.

Wi-Fi Authentication

The dictionary of the Wi-Fi authentication contains all the passwords that are required to connect with your friend in real-time. Moreover, the module also includes a proxy server that ensures that no unauthorized access will occur. However, if you want to test this module out, just download the latest version of the Neighbours From Hell Wi-Fi Antivirus.

Technical Support

Apart from all the fantastic features available in Neighbours From Hell, it is quite easy to use as well. Almost anyone can install the anti-malware application without any technical support from tech support service providers. All you need is a computer that has internet connection and a computer browser. The mod is compatible with most android operating system devices including the HTC Evo Shift and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc.

Award Winning Creep

This year’s version of the award winning creep around spy app, Neighbours From Hell has been enhanced even further. The second season of the popular android game has received some great additions like the ability to communicate with friends even when you are not connected to the internet.


You can also now use the built-in camera to take a video recording of strangers! The new “friends” tab in the Neighbours From Hell app offers you the option to send messages and share pictures with other players. Apart from all the amazing new features this year’s version of the popular game has, it also has an all-new story and new levels.

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