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My Ninja Girlfriend is an adult dating simulation game. It is a type of hidden object game (HOI) that is popular in Asia. It is free to download and provides you with an experience just like playing an RPG, but you are not limited to the usual gaming controls and inventory items. Here is a short My Ninja Girlfriend apk review.

My Ninja Girlfriend

My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk is the latest and most exciting in an infinite series of anime dating simulation games! The developers at Anquetil have put together an amazing game, which incorporates elements of a dating simulation game, yet it’s presented in a very unique and interesting way.

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My Ninja Girlfriend Apk Download

My Ninja Girlfriend is extremely addictive – you’ll find yourself playing it for a couple of hours straight and then wanting more. It has some really clever programming, and there are so many things to do in this game that you will probably want to return to it time again.

Main Character

The “story” behind the game is not really explained, but what you do know is that the main character, who is referred to as Nioi, went missing, and it was discovered that she was using an android device to carry out her secretarial duties, and sending out erotic messages to her male patients!

My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk is an Otome visual novel (VN). This means that it follows the story of one female lead, called Nioi, and her relationship with the other main characters, some of whom are anime-related. The visual novel starts out as Nioi wakes up one morning, and sees the enemy force entering her bedroom.

She quickly gets out of bed, reaches the main floor, and fights her way through to the next floor, fighting her way to the boss’s office. You’ll need to use your keyboard and mouse to move throughout the levels to fight the ninjas.

The First Level

The first level is the easiest, as all the background music is low-grade and soft. In this chapter, you also unlock the ability for Nioi to change outfits, which is quite useful as there are a lot of different outfits available for the three main characters.

There is also a hidden treasure that is only revealed after you’ve collected $300 on the My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk website. This is where the game gets interesting; as you progress through the game you start collecting mini-games, which are basically mini versions of the main stories but spread across different chapters.


These mini-games are not that challenging, but they do add a nice touch to the game and are often based on Japanese anime and manga. As I said, My Ninja Girlfriend is pretty much just an anime adaption of the original Japanese dating simulation game, Rygar.

Download My Ninja Girlfriend Apk

My Ninja Girlfriend has taken it a bit further, however. The graphics are a lot more detailed and are probably the biggest step forward in the game. There are now several stages to play on, and each one introduces new characters as well as a few new challenges to complete.

Dating Simulation

The final step is to download the My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk” dating simulation” application from the market, and finally move it onto the home screen! Upon successful installation, you are greeted by a live wallpaper featuring the school life scene from the anime series, accompanied by the school song. My Ninja Girlfriend has a single main menu, but can be played in two separate ways.

If you want to play the dating simulator game as intended, then you need to press and hold your finger over a character on the right side of the home screen, and then press the left button. Your character will flash a selection of facial expressions and will appear at the bottom of the screen as a selection, allowing you to select which you want to perform.

Your Favorite Girl

Alternatively, if you would prefer to play My Ninja Girlfriend as a more traditional browser-based dating simulation game, then you simply need to click on the word “play” next to the image of your favorite girl. If you choose the option to connect to an internet network, My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk will prompt you to enter a valid Windows email address.

Once you have completed the registration, you will be ready to start dating beautiful women in the exciting world of PC games. My Ninja Girlfriend provides a number of useful features, such as various stages, alternate costumes, music, and soundtracks, along with customizing the date, time, and places to meet your woman of interest.

The My Ninja Girlfriend software also allows you to upload your photo gallery, which is perfect for uploading to social networking sites or emailing your girl of interest.

My Ninja Girlfriend Apk Free Download

Particular App

To conclude, My Ninja Girlfriend is a fantastic application that provides a lot of features to help you play dating games on your PC. My Ninja Girlfriend is one of several applications currently available on the Google Play Store, and as the name suggests, this particular app has everything you would expect from a game concerning dating simulation.


The graphics are well designed, the interface is easy to use and the game modes are fun and challenging. If you’re looking for a great, sexy moe anime dating sim for pc, My Ninja Girlfriend Mod Apk is definitely worth checking out. Its simplicity attracts many people who wish to try a more realistic take on dating simulation games.

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