My Home Design Modern City Mod Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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My Home Design Modern City is an amazing free app for mobile which enables you to design your dream home without having to think of construction costs or workmen. With My Home Design Modern City, you can design your very own custom model city from the scratch or use one of the many pre-made templates to design your home.

My Home Design Modern City features amazing wallpapers, wall diagrams, and much more, to make designing your new home a fun and exciting experience.

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My Home Design Modern City Apk

My Home Design Modern City is an exciting mobile application where you design your own dream house, add all the desired add-ons, create your very own unique theme, and then get it customized using the various features available on the application. My Home Design Modern City offers lots of exciting opportunities. You can either renovate your very own home or select from a number of beautiful homes offered by the real estate companies, or build your own town.

Multiplayer Mode

You can also play and compete with other players using the popular multiplayer mode. My Home Design Modern City features innovative wallpapers, wall diagrams, icons, furniture layouts, and much more. With My Home Design Modern City, you can renovate your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, stairs, entrance, bedroom, backyard, or even have your wallpapers changed according to your tastes and fashions.

Fun Features

In addition to the fun features, My Home Design also presents numerous other interesting challenges to all players, whether they are hardcore enthusiasts or just beginners. To start with, you can enjoy witty games such as Word Search, Guess the Resistor, and Answer the Phone, and later on, you can attempt to become the best by upgrading your skills to the level of the Hall of Fame.

My Home Design Modern City provides various tools to help you succeed in this exciting game. Here are some of the most interesting activities available for you to engage in while playing My Home Design:

Word Search Competition

Word Search Competition – this is a classic mystery game that you can play with your friends or rivals. You simply have to look for words inside the provided list of words and place your mouse over them so that you hit them with your keyboard to trigger the correct sound. If any of your team members find the phrase incorrect, they will lose points and have to find the word and lose a point as well.

Interesting Modes

This is one of the most interesting modes since you get to see who among you is best in discovering hidden items and making the topmost scores. My Home Design Modern City also supports android versions of this fun and exciting game and features the same fun activities that its other versions offer.

Market Subscription

* Android Market Subscription Google Play is offering a lot of exciting and entertaining modes and features for free on its app store. My Home Design Modern City is one of these and has its own version of Google Play which is quite similar to Google Play.

Content Packages

You can download and use your phone’s screen to enjoy the game on a TV channel while watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and sporting events. My Home Design Modern City also features a marketplace where you can purchase and subscribe to various content packages to avail of free gifts and rewards. This mod also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell home design items and you can even invite your friends to purchase some of these items.


* My Home Design Modern City Features Google Earth GIS a 3D map that features real-world satellite images of the location where you are currently situated. It enables you to plan routes on how you will get there and discover the various features of the surrounding areas.

My Home Design Modern City gives you the opportunity to see the natural landscapes and landmarks which makes your home design game interesting as well as informative. In this version, you can also have access to the Google Earth Navigation system that has features such as Google Maps, Google Shuttle, Google Transit, and other related functions which make your mobile experience exciting.

Local Businesses

* My Home Design Modern City has other amazing features such as Google+ Local and Google Places. These two features will help you search for local businesses, local restaurants, and entertainment establishments which can be used as points of interest and can make your travel experience an amazing one.

My Home Design

My Home Design Modern City also features maps of the area which helps you navigate easily and conveniently through the different places. These are just some of the amazing features My Home Design Modern City offers and it provides you with a complete mobile entertainment experience.

Fantastic Chance

My Home Design Modern City provides you with a fantastic chance to create your own home design in the style of your choice and to entertain your friends and guests in the most stylish and innovative way. The game gives you many options to create a home design.


You can use your imagination and creativity to choose furniture from different styles, and choose colors and themes from a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures. You can play different games to collect more coins and use them to purchase different things and remodel your house in the modern city. This mobile application really offers a unique chance to play fun games with your friends and loved ones to relax, play, socialize and entertain oneself.

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