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My Dog Girlfriend is one of the newest android applications that lets you chat with your dog. This particular version lets you use a webcam to talk to your dog face to face. The PC version comes with controls similar to what you would find on your web browser. In addition to the PC version, the My Dog Girlfriend Mod Apk app can also be used on Apple iOS devices.

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These two android apps are similar, however, they differ in the way they work. While both use the internet to communicate with their dog, the way each one works differs.

When you download either My Dog Girlfriend PC to your computer, they will automatically begin working. If you do not have your computer or your internet connection is slow, you may want to use the free version to get started.

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Few Differences

My Dog Girlfriend Mod Apk has a few differences from the version you can download for free. This version allows you to change your name and alter the appearance of your dog.

My Dog Girlfriend PC does not allow you to alter these settings. If you need to change them, you will have to purchase the latest version of the My Dog Girlfriend apk android app in order to make these changes.

My Dog Girlfriend Apk Free Download

My Dog Girlfriend

My Dog Girlfriend is an anime dating simulation and social networking game. Your goal is to find your true love by getting to know other players as well as your dog. My Dog Girlfriend Mod Apk is not like other games where you are just sitting back and playing while the story progresses. This anime requires interaction between you and your pet.

My Dog Girlfriend PC version is more interactive. The PC version of My Dog Girlfriend features the cafe mode. This feature lets you interact with other players in the game by posting comments or suggestions. You can also comment on a picture posted by another player.

The cafe feature lets you get to know other female characters that are available in the anime series such as the popular Umineko characters.

Invite Your Friends

You can also invite your friends to join your online community. My Dog Girlfriend PC is compatible with Facebook and Myspace. There are other social networking sites where you can get to know other players, but My Dog Girlfriend has a limit on how many people it lets you meet. To expand your network of My Dog Girlfriend players, the My Dog Girlfriend mod apk is what you will need to download.

Download My Dog Girlfriend Apk

My Dog Girlfriend PC is designed to let you manage your online game account without being connected to the internet at all times. My Dog Girlfriend mod apk latest version allows you to manage your My Dog Girlfriend profile page without being connected to the internet.

Spend Checking

This is very convenient especially if you want to check out new information about your girlfriend every now and then. This saves you a lot of time that would have been spent checking if the Facebook account or Myspace account updates. The time you spend checking is definitely worth it when you see your new dog getting all excited just in anticipation for you to join it.

My Dog Girlfriend is a free download from Google play based on the popular arcade game. It does not require any license or subscription to use it. With My Dog Girlfriend, you get to enjoy its exciting features including leaderboards, achievements, and high scores.


Since the My Dog Girlfriend latest version now lets you manage your My Dog Girlfriend profile page using your Myspace or Facebook account, it’s now more convenient and easier than ever to stay connected to your girlfriend even while you are out of the country. Just download the My Dog Girlfriend mod apk and enjoy your new life with your best girlfriend ever.

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