Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

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Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is a high-flying, action-packed, arcade fighting video game (MFi). It’s an updated version of the classic arcade video game, Mutant Fights. It’s free to play on the Android Market. It also provides a variety of cool features like voice-over and screen orientation changes, as well as leader boards and screen taps. The game can be played in two modes – Story Mode & Endless Mode.

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Mutant Fighting

In the story mode of Mutant Fighting Cup 2, you take control of one of your favorite fighters and fight it out with some monstrous opponents in virtual arenas. You’ll face off against a wide range of enemy fighters, from towering robots to nasty mutated worms.

To get the ball rolling, tap the screen to lock onto an opponent and unleash a powerful barrage of punches. Use the left and right arrows to attack, while tapping the screen to throw punches and kicks.

Powerful punch

Tap the screen to change stances, while sliding to block and counter with a powerful punch. The punches are responsive, so you don’t have to press the screen constantly – a much better option than having to take your eyes off the action to react to an attack! The fights can last up to 30 minutes, so you can easily spend some time getting used to the controls, and practicing your combos and attacks.

Quick tutorial

Likewise, there’s a quick tutorial to walk you through the various strategies and techniques. In addition, the turn-based battle system gives players a real sense of expertise as they learn how to use their speed and agility to beat their opponents.

New, trick

However, it doesn’t end there! Mutant Fighting Cup 2 mod Apk is out to teach players a new, trick-or-treat style game. It pits three players against each other in a race to collect candy. The first team to collect the most candy wins. This fun little mode gives players an opportunity to practice their racing techniques, as they race to the finish line.


As you might guess, this version of Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is not simply an improvement over the original. It features all the content from the Android version, but it also offers some fresh challenges. Two people can compete against each other in a one-on-one battle. That’s a lot more action than the average action game is going to provide.

Unlimited energy

Plus, players can now pit their wits against a computer-controlled version of themselves, who is given unlimited energy and health. You can see just how good of a player you really are just by playing this version of the flash game on your android phone.


When you pit your wits against the computer-controlled creatures called monsters,’ you will be able to decide whether or not you want to use your wits or your weapons against these horrible beasts. The combat system has been completely changed when compared to the version of Mutant Fighting Cup that was released for the PSP.

Ultra-powerful attack

Here you can unleash a powerful ‘ultra powerful’ attack against your opponents that results in massive amounts of damage. The fact that you only need to swing your stick and make contact with the screen to perform attacks makes this form of fighting much more enjoyable to play.

Genetically altered’ fighters

The second part of the game involves the use of ‘genetically altered’ fighters. These fighters are capable of transforming into whatever animal form they want to and can turn against their human rivals in order to protect themselves. There are many different monster forms to choose from, including big, tiny, muscular, or even fat.

Strong fighter

By choosing the right form, you can transform into a strong fighter who is capable of taking down more powerful monsters. However, each human opponent you fight in the game will also have a ‘genetic’ power that will be used against you as well.

If you plan on using these genetic powers against other human fighters, you may find that the human opponent is also as strong as the monstrous creature that you are trying to defeat.


It’s possible to play the game online for free. However, there are certain requirements needed to fulfil before you can access the online mode. You must have a Google account in order to register and play the game. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of the game and accept responsibility for any type of connection issues that may occur. Finally, you must have a Google Play device in order to access the game’s application.

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