Murders on Budapest Visual Novel Apk (Mod Features Premium Unlocked)

The first part of the ” Murders on Budapest” series by Vacant Games is the introductory chapter. This chapter focuses the reader’s attention on a story-driven visual novel, that is, a visual story with puzzle-solving and narration, instead of more text-oriented stories about solving crimes.


So, as you read the story you learn more about the characters and the story, and slowly start to develop an understanding of how the whole mystery is interconnected. Throughout the rest of the story, you play the role of the detective investigating the crime scene and piecing together clues using your newly accumulated information.

Murders on Budapest Visual Novel Apk Download

Murders on Budapest

The second part of the series ” Murders on Budapest Mod Apk” is the second part of the main story. You again play the role of the visual detective solving puzzles and solving mysteries.

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Like the first part, you are given enough information to piece together the puzzle, but here too you must find out why, who, where, and how. However, in this second part, you are also shown, with brief descriptions and drawings, how each clue can be put together to make a grand total.

Part of the story

This is actually the third part of the story. In this part, I found that the visual novel detective games are more fun than the other two.

This is because the action is not centered on one area or another; rather, all of the scenes are interconnected. And the information is bigger and better presented. In this part, you can expect to find a lot more action and more descriptions of the people and places involved in each scene.

The Fourth Part

The fourth part in the ” Murders on Budapest Mod Apk” series is the last part. This is where the players take over the role of the actual detective once again.

Murders on Budapest Visual Novel Download Mod Apk

And just like in the previous chapters, you find yourself solving various scenes and following a complicated plotline. For me, the best part of this part was when all of the puzzle pieces fell into place. Although it took quite a bit of reading for me, I discovered that it was really easy once I got the hang of the visual novel’s mechanics.


It was surprising how well this game managed to interleague visuals, storyline, and audio. Although the story and visuals may seem simple at first, they do mesh well with each other and with the game’s mechanics. The puzzles themselves are very well designed and the scenes are beautifully illustrated. And this game has a great difficulty level. I got through it in a matter of hours.

Traditional Format

If I had to recommend this game to someone, it would definitely be in the top ten of my list. It’s certainly one of the most interesting visual novels I have come across, and it’s highly addictive. If you’re looking for an interesting, captivating story told in a non-traditional format, then I highly recommend this game.

Young Girl

To sum up, Murders on Budapest Visual Novel Mod Apk is a unique story about a young girl who finds herself stranded in an alternate version of Budapest, surrounded by hostile men. To find help, she must use her wits as well as her memory to survive. I enjoyed reading this tale and found it to be fun to play as well. I highly recommend this game if you have an interest in fiction.

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I enjoyed reading the engaging main plot while I was playing the game. I found it captivating and thought the writing style was exceptional. However, if you don’t care too much for the storyline, I suggest sticking to a visual novel. This game is definitely worth checking out. Try it out and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this dark puzzle-filled game!

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