Murderous Pursuits Mod Apk(MOD Features unlimited coins)

In first episode of Murderous Pursuits, titled ‘The Darkened Shore’, PC gamer Jason “Macca” Craig was tasked with the task of defending his small team of players from waves of incoming waves of attackers. To achieve this he uses a series of murder moves which involves him sneaking up behind his enemies and then executing a well-planned attack.

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Although it is difficult to see just how effective this method is due to the action only taking place in first person view, the mod has received a lot of positive feedback from players testing the game. The video game also features a large number of weapons and items that can be used by the player and it is these items which make the entire concept of Murderous Pursuits so fun to play.

Murderous Pursuits

First, in first episode of Murderous Pursuits, titled ‘The Darkened Shore’, PC gamer Jason “Macca” Craig was tasked with defending his team of players against waves of incoming waves of enemy players who were trying to infiltrate their base and kill them. The player was allowed a limited amount of time to secure his team before the timer expired, and if the enemy made it into the base, he would lose all of his people.

Weapon usage

To win the battle, Jason must use a combination of skills such as hiding, stealth, weapon usage and a host of stabbing moves which allow him to slowly but surely kill off the enemy. In the end, he must escape from the irradiated environment and return to the real world in order to continue the game.

Quarry tracker

One of the most important skills required in this mod is called the quarry tracker. The quarry tracker allows the player to easily track down his enemies even without having to see them using vision or hearing abilities. The reason for this is that the Nyxheimer clan, which controls the irradiated area, uses a magnetic device which can locate individuals using sonar. The Nyxheimer clan is behind the gruesome murder spree which has been occurring throughout the game as well as the radioactive devices they are using to locate their victims.

Radiant Crusade

This mod is the spiritual predecessor of mods such as Manhunt: Unleashed and Player Search: Radiant Crusade. While both are first person shooters, they have significant differences. One major difference between the two is that the former offers no lighthearted murder merry-go-round, and instead offers more tense and challenging missions. A major reason why I call this spiritual successor mod as a spiritual sequel is because the storyline is not driven by story development.

Main character

Instead, the mod is centered around one main character, which is an undercover cop named Sam “Shawn” Jameson who was given the task of protecting a secret federal task force called “The Locust” from brutal terrorists and monsters that want to take over the Federal Government by using poisonous gas as well as other horrific means. However, instead of just telling a story, Murderous Pursuits attempts to combine narrative with atmosphere and gameplay.

High flying challenges

Another major difference between the two games is that in Murderous Pursuits, Sam “Shawn” Jameson must take on a number of enemies and each mission is designed to deliver more adrenaline than the last. These high flying challenges are present on all maps, and when you are finished completing one, you can opt to continue your adventure with another enemy, a new vehicle and several new guns.

Tight urban environment

Each map is also unique in its own right, so whether you’re playing on a tight urban environment, a snowy mountain or perhaps even in an industrial complex, each level will be filled with intense combat and nerve wracking missions. To make things more interesting, each individual level comes with its own story, narrated by Sam “Shawn” Jameson himself. This allows players to explore deeper into the character of the cop while still enjoying the thrilling online co-op multiplayer experience.

Graphical effects

With its stylish graphical effects, stunning cinematic visuals and top notch audio, Mafia Wars: MP3 is a visually stunning game. Playing as either the Nailer or theforcer, you can see the action through the eyes of the opposing sides as you struggle to earn money, recruit new members and ultimately kill the opposing team’s boss and complete all the tasks within time. The Mafia Wars: MP3 version comes with all the existing stages and some extra ones, which means you can spend some time exploring each level as well as the gun shop and get to know the characters a little better.

Unique missions

Murderous Pursuits is definitely a game that people should check out. Unlike the other Mafia games, it doesn’t follow the same storyline but instead comes with a number of unique missions and locations. There’s also no nudity (although there is some tasteful suggestive nudity here and there), no blood or violence, and absolutely no foul language — everything is simply tasteful, elegant, and done with the utmost respect for your intelligence.

So if you want to live out an entire mafia life without involving any violence, get ready for Murderous Pursuits, because it’s sure to be one of the most memorable multiplayer experiences you’ve ever had.

Unassuming passenger

If you’re looking for a game that is a little bit different from the others on the market, then this is a good one to check out. Unlike the rest of the popular Mafia games on the market today, you don’t have to kill anybody and instead, you have to find information about everybody in the game through several different methods. That’s why you have to become an unassuming passenger who silently travels around the maps, looking for clues to the boss’ murder.


You can’t actually perform any criminal acts while playing as this character; you just have to observe everybody and their activities. Act like a criminal mastermind and figure out what exactly is going on through the information you find out.


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