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Murder in the Alps is a gripping hidden object adventure game on Android. The story of Murder in the Alps revolves around a couple of newlyweds that had decided to go on a honeymoon vacation after years of being married.
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Murder in the Alps is a gripping hidden object adventure game on Android. The story of Murder in the Alps revolves around a couple of newlyweds that had decided to go on a honeymoon vacation after years of being married.

Their vacation gets unexpectedly interrupted when their cottage’s front door is violently smashed by a mysterious masked intruder. In a flash, they are witness to a grisly murder that leaves the couple’s teenage son missing.

Murder in the Alps Features

Murder in the Alps Mod Apk features a gripping storyline where the player takes control of the main character, a bungling detective. For this game, the player also gets to take control of several other different characters.

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The different characters include the hotel clerk, a delivery driver, a local art gallery owner, a French maid, a disreputable doctor, and a few other characters too numerous to mention.

Murder in the Alps Apk Download

The storyline basically revolves around the different characters finding out that they have linked to the mysterious ” Murder in the Alps ” crime which has been plaguing the Alps for ages.

Solving The Mystery

The amazing part about the Murder in the Alps Mod Apk app is that it is based on a real case from France. This means that players can be sure that solving the mystery would entail sleuthing out all the facts, discovering the culprit, and ultimately confronting him or her.

Aside from the fascinating storyline, the game features hidden object scenes, which are usually very exciting and often lead the players to find the next clue or item. This means that players should not be contented with discovering simple items but should go out there and look for more because each room in the alps has something worth finding.

The first stage of the game involves the detective going to the crime scene in order to collect important evidence which can be used as statements by the suspects later on. This is done by looking through the shirt, pants, shoes, and other items which were worn by the suspect during the time of the murder.

GPS Technology

Through the investigation, one way links the evidence to the murder, and this is done by going through the police records. The second stage involves the player going back to the crime scene again where they have to locate the victim again. This requires them to use the android GPS technology which has been enabled in their smartphone.

Download Murder in the Alps Apk

This feature is one way of proving how advanced your smartphone device can be. The feature also features awesome, breathtaking artwork. The artwork in this game is one of a kind and it is very captivating. It shows the scene of the crime, the victim, and some of the possible suspects that were involved in this crime.

This is why players are sure to be engrossed in this adventure. The excellent storyline and the exciting gameplay are what make Murder in the Alps Mod Apk a satisfying game to play.

Interactive Puzzle

In addition to all these, the makers of the game ensured the users of getting hold of their needed data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, in case they get lost in this thrilling interactive puzzle. Another fascinating thing about the Murder in the Alps app is the fact that it does not require any downloads to be able to enjoy its amazing features.

The app works on any smartphone platform and also on any tablet and desktop computer. The developers made sure that all these devices are capable of connecting to the internet so that you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

Exciting Storylines

These amazing technologies are what make Murder in the Alps Mod Apk a top game in its own right. The exciting storylines and the gripping crime stories are enough to make players feel free and relaxed after playing this game. The developers took great care to ensure that the features mentioned above are all present in this game.

This is why android gamers are assured of having a great time when they play this game. Apart from its thrilling action sequences, the player will feel free to go through the different scenes and explore different destinations.

Murder in the Alps Free Download

The story revolves around a successful private detective who is on a mission to discover if there is a link between the murder case and the murder mystery. If you like solving crimes, then this one is definitely for you. You can choose to either stay with the main character of inspector Vanmere or try solving the mystery behind the crime using your detective skill.


Both the inspector and the suspect have different traits that help them solve mysteries. If you think solving mysteries is your thing, then you will certainly love Murder in the Alps Mod Apk as it gives you a perfect opportunity to use your deductive skills. So, if you like solving problems using your brain, then this is one of the best games that you should download.


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