Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles is a famous arcade game on Facebook and it has been downloaded by many users. It is the latest game in the series and has been introduced by the creators of Facebook Apps. Mr. Ninja is a virtual fox who travels through different stages trying to avoid his enemies.

This time, he has been given a new mission by his creator: find his friend Yani and get back her father’s lost inheritance. The story is very nice and the graphics are well made.

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Mr. Ninja Slicey Puzzles

Mr. Ninja Slicey Puzzles is the newest version of Mr. Ninja, in which he has to defeat more difficult versions of previous bosses and collect all the bonus levels before facing his toughest competitor yet. You can play it for free with the latest pro version (2021) for FREE.

If they already have it installed, guys try Mr. Ninja Slicey Puzzlesapk Awesome new feature where you easily transfer it to your iPhone, then use it on your phone as you normally would on your mobile device it’s completely free to use.


Mr. Ninja is going through some serious competition from other apps like Anger of the Gods. They both have several unique features and they do the job really well. I personally prefer Mr.

Ninja over the others because of its unique features, like, it has enemies that change color during its fight with you, its stages are randomly generated, the puzzles are not the same every time but each one is really challenging. And the new unique weapons that Mr. Pyscho uses are also pretty cool, especially the spinning blades.


The main difference between the two competing apps is, obviously, its level of difficulty. Mr. Ninja’s app has been designed to be frustratingly hard. And the level of difficulty doesn’t just stop at the higher levels, the very first ones are quite easy. The good thing about it is you can continue to play it once you’ve defeated the initial enemies.

Puzzles apk

But Mr. Pyscho Slicey Puzzles apk has features that could make playing even more fun and challenging. The first exciting feature is its “chest” which contains items used for defeating the enemies. There are many different items and each one is special in some way. You can use them in a combo to kill faster or to reflect their attacks back on them.

Hidden Features

There are also many hidden features in Mr. Pyscho Slicey Puzzlesapk. These features can be used to create new levels as well as mix up the existing ones. For example, you can use an item to freeze an enemy, then combo it with another item to freeze the third, and so on. There are also several power-ups (for the fruits you must eat) and power-ups given to you by Mr. Ninja himself.

Interesting Thing

One interesting thing about Mr. Ninja Slicey Pulsesapk is that you can actually learn from him. When you lose the last level you will actually see what he did to beat it. It might not make sense right away but this is one of the great features of this game.

Now, it might be a while since we have had a new Mr. Pyscho release but I am sure we will be seeing more soon. If you like arcade games or simple puzzles then this app is definitely worth checking out. The price is reasonable for what you get. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Just make sure you download this app when you can.

Different Versions

This game is available in four different versions. The first one is free and this is where I got to see what the game was all about. It has some really neat graphics and this one might even look a little bit eerie! It was very easy to pick up and understood immediately. The second one has some decent graphics but I’m not sure about the storyline.

Favorite Subjects

The last one that I downloaded had me running around trying to figure out how to defeat this creature. I must say it kept me interested throughout! The storyline was intriguing and it made me think about Japanese Mythology which is one of my favorite subjects. The puzzles themselves were quite challenging but not impossible.


One other thing that this game has that makes it worth your time and money is the amount of content it provides. Each stage is only a few minutes long and there are numerous bonus levels too. As you complete them you will be rewarded with stars which you can then use to unlock new costumes for your six-year-old!


I’m not sure if there are more than 20 levels but the last one I was on gave me over one hour and forty minutes of pure fun. The game controls are smooth and responsive and it is easy to learn how to play. With a price like thirty dollars it is well worth giving a shot if you have never tried one of these games before!


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