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Mr. Bullet Spy is a spy-based puzzle game on Google Play. This is a very good game as it will not only give you hours of entertainment but also improve your intelligence and memory skills. It can be played easily using simple controls and you can also challenge your friends to a fight with the spy.

There are many levels in this game and the different ones have different difficulty levels. In this game, your main objective is to enter each level and collect the data that is provided inside.

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Mr. Bullet Spy Puzzles

To make things even better, there is a hidden Easter egg on each level. This will unlock a new secret level and a brand new set of mini-goals for you. Once you complete a level you will get the information about the next one. You are provided details on all the collected data including objectives, pictures, audio files, videos, messages, and location information.

People Involved

You will learn the names of all the people involved in the case, their telephone numbers, descriptions, and other relevant information. You will find out where the body was found, and what is their relationship with the spy. You will hear some of the conversations exchanged between the suspects and the police.

Mr. Bullet Spy Free Version

When you are playing the Mr. Bullet Spy free version you get a total of 21 levels to play. There are two types of challenges – normal and challenge high. In normal challenges, you will get five-letter puzzle solutions to solve. On challenge high, you will get more difficult word puzzles to solve.

Puzzle Game

There are different levels in this puzzle game. The first one is very easy and you get to solve simple word puzzles. The second one requires more advanced knowledge of the spy tricks and there will be more advanced information to be found. The third one will be the most challenging one and you will be required to find out the source of the leak through several hints and clues.

Time Limit

There are also some levels that have a time limit and if you do not complete them within the time limit you will have to redo them. There are also levels that are progressive meaning you will be asked to do more challenging tricks and the last one is the full-screen mode in which you will be virtually in front of the camera.

English and Spanish

It is recommended for kids to play Mr. Bullet Spy with their parents. They can also share this puzzle with their friends on Facebook or through emails. This is an online game so you will not have to worry about it being illegal. You will also not have to worry about the level of language that may be used in this puzzle game as the translation of the messages in English and Spanish is quite accurate.

Completing a Mission

The makers of the game have made sure that this Mr. Bullet Spy also has a number of popular video games related to it. You will get to see the debriefing of each mission in each level and also get to hear the audio recording of the agent as he explains the steps to be performed for each level. You will also get to see a cut-in of an agent during the time of completing a mission. The level of difficulty of this puzzle game depends on the level of the player as well.


To play the online version, you will first need to find your trusted search engine site and key in the keyword phrase “Mr. Bullet”. You will then be provided with a list of links to the sites that provide the game. It is suggested that you play the game using the trial version that you get from the site. This allows you to play the game and get a feel of how it works, without having to spend real money.

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