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Modern Strike Online is a futuristic first-person shooter game on steam, PSP. It’s a multiplayer online game with several game modes. It also features cool 3D realistic and interactive graphics. You can either play it single player or compete with other online players from around the globe. Join clans or simply create your own clan with other online players.

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Main Game Mode

The game has two main game modes: PvP and PvE. In PvP mode, you have to protect your bases or kill the enemy players. There are several maps in this Modern Strike Online mod. You can fight against the AIs ( bots) that usually roam the skies above your city. There are also many classic weapons used by James Bond. Each of the weapons has its own properties and functions.

Usual Game Modes

Some of the usual game modes in Modern Strike Online are PvP and PvE. The action gameplay is quite similar to Counter-Strike and DOTA. The action gameplay in this game mode is similar to Counter-Strike and DotA. There are also some new units and modes added to this game mode.

Advanced Weaponry

This game mode has a bit more realism and detail than the other game modes. It makes use of some advanced weaponry and strategies. As said earlier there are various maps in this Modern Strike Online mod. These maps are based on real-time military tactical scenarios. In this game mode, you can choose from various options like “campaign”, ” Multiplayer” and ” Arcade”. The ” Arcade” game mode is quite fun to play as you get to select your settings and mission from a list.

Modern Strike Online

This is one of the action game modes which you will experience in Modern Strike Online. In this game mode, you get to select from various different weapons and equipment which will help you during the battle.

The gameplay of this Modern Strike Online has been designed so well that even if you are not good at using weapons, you will find it quite easy to play this mode of gameplay. Some of the weapons included in the game are sniper rifles, hand grenades, machine guns, RPGs, heavy armor cannons, and more.

Extra Flavor

The “Daily tasks” and “quests” are added with this game mode to give an extra flavor to the game. The “Daily tasks” are designed in such a way that it will be easier for you to complete them and earn good rewards every day. The “quests” are there to provide you with some great gaming opportunities. You will get such an opportunity through the daily quests which are added with the ” Arcade” game mode.

Single Player

In this game mode, you will have the option to engage in both single-player and multiplayer modes. If you want to enjoy the single-player Modern Strike Online modes you have to select the “campaign” as the game mode from the ” Multiplayer” selection. The deathmatch and the PVP fps battles are the two available multiplayer games modes in this game.

You will have the choice of either playing as the terrorists or the anti-terrorists. If you want to play as the terrorists you will have to join their side and use the explosive device to wipe out the Anti-terrorists base and destroy their helicopter.


These are some of the important details about the Modern Strike Online Apk. This game mode provides you an opportunity to enjoy the high-quality storyline of Modern Strike Online along with the exciting gameplay.

The multiplayer combat modes of this game provide you an opportunity of enjoying some interesting activities when you are with other individuals. You can also participate in the deathmatch and the PVP gaming modes to enjoy the action to the fullest.

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