Modern Ops Action Shooter Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)


Modern Ops is a first-person shooter & 3D Shooter available for download on Google play market. You will be fighting with opponents. This free Android game provides an invigorating challenge in gun fights & is loaded with hardcore action.
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October 1, 2022
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Modern Ops is a first-person shooter & 3D Shooter available for download on the google play market. You will be fighting with opponents. This free Android game provides an invigorating challenge in gunfights & is loaded with hardcore action. Here, you will have the choice of choosing from several classes that have their own set of weapons, abilities, and attributes.

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Modern Ops Action Shooter

The story of Modern Ops starts at the office of the CEO of a successful company Kip, who is trying to balance his career with his family life. He loves his daughter, however, his professional life is getting in the way. One day while he is on a business trip, he gets a call from his old friend Vin.

Vin wants to help Kip get back on track but he doesn’t know-how. To help him out, he needs some help himself and asks Kip to help him – with his newly-acquired hacking skills.

Story of Modern Ops

In this addictive game, you will need to find out what has been happening to your friend, Vin, since he disappeared. Modern Ops has several levels and once you finish one, you move on to the next. You will need to learn more about various weaponry, special moves, and how to fight against enemies using unique aiming techniques, besides mastering the use of gadgets available to you as a soldier.

You can boost your arsenal of weapons and arm yourself with cool gadgets such as laser pointers, sound systems, smoke pellets, mines, and much more.

Select The Level

To start the game, just jump into the game and select the command “help”. Then, select the character you would like to control, select the level you want to begin on, and select the level design where you will take up the battle against the enemy. Modern Ops mod apk is available for free now, which means you don’t have to spend anything to play it. However, if you really want to experience the ultimate modern op, then purchase the full version of the game.

Modern Ops Mod

The story of the Modern Ops mod is based on that of the TV series 24, in which a terrorist group called “The Firm” kidnapped the American president and released a modified version of a military chopper, which was remotely controlled. The terrorists crashed the plane into the White House and then started terrorizing the American government.

FBI Agents

This prompted an emergency response and the military soldiers and FBI agents had to fight against all odds to protect the president and the United States. Modern Ops is a first-person shooter ( FPS ) game in which you are an operative working for the government and you must shoot down waves of enemies while protecting the president in various situations before they shoot down the American soldiers and destroy the White House.

Actual Weapons

Since there are no actual weapons used in this game, instead you have to shoot at their targets using a variety of modern gadgets available at any one of the numerous gun stores in the game. Some of the gadgets are very useful, such as the “suitcase bomb”; others are not so useful, but can be used to gain an upper hand over your opponents.

Customize Your Character

This is where the modern ops mod menu comes into play. The mod menu allows you to customize your character, giving him a new look and allowing you to change his skills, giving him extra abilities that will help you survive the difficulties you face. The mod menu also has many modifications to the game mechanics, allowing for amazing tactics and strategies that will put you at an advantage.

Mod apk

Each time you play Modern Ops, you will receive a free modern ops mod apk download containing new missions and challenges, and you will be able to use these downloaded files to earn coins, which can then be spent on different aspects of the game and help you to progress through the levels.

These coins are earned by shooting down multiple targets, and once you have earned a certain number of coins you can use them on different items within the game. Some of the items include rare weapons and vehicles that are only available with certain amounts of coins.


Aiming the Hackmod or hacking your opponents will also earn you credits, and depending on how advanced you are, you might even score enough to get unlimited gold! However, you will need to be careful about using hacks, as there are many that can cause serious damage to your game files, such as the aimbot hack for example.

There are other hacks that are just as effective as aimbot hacks, but are much safer to use, and do not cause damage to your computer. If you want to get an unlimited gold pack in Modern Ops, you will probably have to spend quite some time in the aimbot hack portion of the Modern Ops mod menu, but it is well worth it!


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