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Modern Combat 5, also called Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a modern first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Gameloft Bucharest. It’s the fifth installment in the long-running Modern Combat series and the follow-up to Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, which was released in 2021.

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Modern Combat 5

It features a variety of multiplayer modes including team play, head-to-head play, and capture the flag modes. The game is most popular with the Counter-Strike crowd, but it has also been successful with other types of gaming audiences, including those who like free games. It’s a fairly faithful recreation of the early versions of Modern Combat, though it does differ greatly with regard to its appearance and interface.

Multiplayer Modes

In modern combat 5: blackout, you are tasked to act as a major player in a massive war between two countries. Your mission is to prevent an impending attack on the United States by the Chinese military. Your task is quite simple:

shoot down the incoming Chinese soldiers with a wide range of weapons from the air, land, and sea. You can switch between these three modes using a hotkey and can view your kills and deaths through the eyes of a major character such as a marine or a soldier.

Story Mode

Unlike most modern combat games, this one has no story mode. Although there are several side missions and several campaign missions, the game focuses on its single-player format and therefore doesn’t offer any interactivity with other people or items. The only way to earn credits and money is through performing kills and performing tasks, and earning money are done through fulfilling requests.

Some of these requests can be done while you are playing the game, and some can only be done after you have saved your game. Modern Combat 5’s campaign missions can range from the standard “get the chopper” type of mission to a puzzle-solving mission.

Modern Combat 5’s Gameplay

There are some good aspects to Modern Combat 5’s gameplay. The action is well detailed and offers several different perspectives during the attacks on your location, allowing the player to take a variety of approaches during each scenario. Additionally, the overall gameplay is quite challenging and doesn’t rely on typical shooter games’ repetition of the same gameplay elements. This makes this modern combat game more interesting and engrossing.

Modern Combat 5 Features

Modern Combat 5 features both first-person shooters and third-person tactical shooters. Although the third-person view is not as clear and realistic as the first-person view, it is still quite effective. In first-person shooters, a player is often given the opportunity to zoom around and examine the battlefield from a great distance.

With Modern Combat 5 however, this is not the case. Players are often forced to make use of binoculars, allowing them to observe their target from a somewhat closer point.

Destructibility Factor

Speaking of close encounters, one of the best features of modern combat 5 is its destructibility factor. Players who are tasked to secure an area will often find themselves faced with a myriad of obstacles that are designed to trip them up and render them helpless when the objective for the mission has been completed.

Fortunately, there are several ways to “overcome” these setbacks, including the aforementioned blackout device, which renders a player’s gadget completely harmless when used in conjunction with the other gadgets available in the Modern Combat 5 game disc.

Futuristic Weapons

Modern Combat 5 also features one of the more futuristic weapons in a first-person shooter. The rail gun, as it is called, allows the player to fire at enemies from a distance using a powerful canon. Despite its impressive weaponry and impressive effects, the rail gun’s damage output is rather slow, so it will require plenty of time before it can truly do any good. This weapon also has a low aiming range, so it may not be the best weapon to use at close range.


Overall, the storyline in the Modern Combat 5 video game is interesting and gritty. However, its graphics are not among the best on the market, and its storyline could become rather boring if more levels were to be added to the game.

On the other hand, its story of a group of teenagers surviving a plane crash while on a mission to infiltrate a terrorist organization does keep the player’s attention. That’s why we recommend Modern Combat 5 to anyone who likes a plot with some intrigue, spectacular action, and some drama, coupled with some excellent audio and visual effects.

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