Modern Combat 3 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Modern Combat 3 has been released by Nexon as one of their first free games. It is an award winning game based on military theme. It is very interesting and offers a great gaming experience for its PC users. This PC game allows you to get access to some of the best content for free.

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Modern Combat 3

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is a first person shooter with an amazing storyline, exciting action, and realistic 3D graphics. The multiplayer mode in this game supports both the Xbox Live and the Facebook game modes. The player can also experience the true military feeling in the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer Mode

Modern Combat 3 has a multiplayer mode that uses the technology of Java and Flash. You can see the action through a sniper scope with the help of your binoculars from behind the objective. In this game, you need to use different kinds of guns and machine guns for this. The objective is to shoot down all the terrorists that come into your sight. If you successfully shoot down the enemy, you move to the next level and continue the match. There are various types of enemies including robotic ones.

3D Graphics

The modern combat 3 has a great deal of content that is rich in real-time 3D graphics. The detailed maps and the real-time physics system of the game has increased the speed of playing. The user finds it very captivating to play the game as they can see the entire action through the scope of their sniper rifle. The user also enjoys the great scope in the multiplayer mode.

Nation Modapak

If you want to know more about the content of this PC game, you can read the Modern Combat 3 Nation Modapak Review. The game has several new features and one of them is the new mission and the objective. In the new mission, you are to defeat the terrorists that were planning to attack the White House. The objective is not clear yet so you have to find out where they are and eliminate them. This is one of the exciting parts of the game that keeps you glued to your computer monitor.

New Features

The other new features include the multiplayer and the campaign modes. In the campaign mode, you can fight against the terrorists who have invaded the White House. The terrorists are being controlled by an android and the only way to destroy them is to use the Biotic Rifle. There is also a new feature known as the android cloning which enables the terrorists to duplicate themselves thus making it easier for them to attack.

Playing The Mod

One of the best parts of the game is the actual sound that accompanies the combat. The audio is not just pleasant but it also adds some realism to the game. Even if you are playing the mod at home, you will be delighted with the sound because you will hear the sounds of Los Angels and the helicopter gunship as they fire at the enemy.

Story And Game

However, if you play the modern combat 3 mod apk with your family or friends, then it is much easier to understand and enjoy the story and game as it is played in a very realistic way. You will not have any difficulty understanding the story and as you play along, the action gets more intense.


Modern Combat 3 has many exciting features but the one that will attract you the most is its amazing graphics. The graphics are the reason why most people prefer playing it rather than all the other games that are available on the mobile phone. The graphical features include the 7 different game modes including the objective based, driving, aerial, ground operation, special operations and sniper.


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